41 Last Minute Tech Gifts for Your Favorite Planner

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Thoughtful Mrs Claus with a tablet computer - isolated over a white backgroundThis holiday season, what do you get the person who always seems organized and has everything under control? Chances are, if you have an event planner in your life, you know their life is actually extremely busy and stressful. So, a gift that will help alleviate some of their day-to-day tasks or help them optimize their schedule makes for a great choice. To save you stress and time, we’ve collected the 41 best event planner gifts from 2019 that the planner in your life will use over and over again in 2020 and beyond. 

The Top 41 Cool Tech Gifts for Planners 

gift giving tech for event planners

Smart Watches

1. Apple Watch Series 5: The iWatch is a health “smart” gift for your planner, that also helps your planner to stay up-to-date on their calendar notifications, messages, calls, and emails. The iWatch Series 5 also has new features:
    • An Always-On retina display
    • ECG apps to monitor your heart rhythm
    • A noise app that alerts you when sounds rise to levels that can damage your hearing
    • Advanced workout metrics
    • Cellular connection so you can go places without your phone  
    • And more!

The new iWatch Series 5 is a great gift for a planner you want to help stay healthy and powerful while they are on-the-go. 

Apple Watch Series 5Photo Credit: Apple

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch: Although the Samsung Galaxy Watch feels like an analog watch, it has smartwatch capabilities. The watch acts as a mini phone where your planner can answer calls and check their messages all out of arm’s reach of their phone.

3. FitBit Inspire:  The latest smartwatch in Fitbit's line, the Fitbit Inspire is a more affordable option compared to the iWatch. The FitBit Inspire boasts features like 24/7 heart rate monitoring, sleep tracker, five-day battery life, bluetooth capabilities, and more. Your planner will love the durability, flexibility, and battery life of the Fitbit Inspire

Fitbit InspirePhoto Credit: Amazon 


Power Strips

4. Unitel Charging Station: Planners tend to have a lot of electronic devices, multiple phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Help your planner keep their devices charged while staying organized and avoiding tangled cables by gifting the United 10-Port USB Charger Dock. This charging station features 10 ports that can simultaneously power your planner's iPad, MacBook Pro, iPhone, Samsung decide, and more.  

USB Charging Stations
Photo Credit: Amazon

5. Anker PowerPort Cube: The tennis ball-sized Anker PowerPort is equipped with three AC outlets and three USB high-speed charging ports. Not only will the cube’s design help your planner save space on-the-go, its advanced technology will charge their devices fast.

6.  PhoneSoap 3: Help your planner keep their phones charged and sanitized, by giving them the PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer and Charger this holiday season. Not only will the PhoneSoap charge any phone, including large smartphone models, PhoneSoap will also kill 99.99% of all bacteria and germs that cover your planners device. The sanitizer and charger comes in 10 colors like aqua, black,  white, silver, and sand. 

7. Jackyled Power Strip Tower: This universal, surge protected charging station features ten outlets and four USB ports. The strip’s special design has a handle for easy carrying and a rotatable body to help the strip fit in tough spaces.

8. EchoGear On-Wall Strip: EchoGear is an on-wall charger that features six, surge protected, pivoting AC outlets. The sleek, flexible design will help your planner charge devices in tight spaces.

PhoneSoap 3Photo Credit: Amazon  


Event Tech Maximizes ROI


Home Assistants

9. Google Home: The Google Home will allow your planner to manage tasks and set reminders handsfree. The Google Home will eliminate some of their day-to-day planning tasks.

10. Amazon Echo: Amazon's line of Echo home assistant products is a great gift to for any planner.  Their line includes: 

  • Amazon Echo - Planners can use the Amazon Echo to call, message, manage their schedule and more, hands-free. With seven microphones and noise cancellation technology, the Amazon Echo will hear your planner from any direction and help them complete tasks. The Amazon Echo comes in four colors--Twilight Blue, Charcoal, Heather Grey, or Sandstone. 
  • Amazon Echo Plus - Amazon's Echo Plus, a slightly pricer version of the Amazon Echo, features more powerful and clearer sound, a temperature sensor to help maintain your home's climate, and more. If your planner already has a "smart phone" with smart plus and lights, then the Amazon Echo Plus is the perfection edition. 
  • Echo Show - Voted one of the Best Products of 2018, the Amazon Echo Show boasts a 10-inch HD screen, a built-in, voice command web browser, and a powerful speaker system. Whether your planner needs to see the weather, watch the news, make video calls, set timers, monitor their home camera, and more, the Echo Show will help them master multitasking. 
Echo Show (2nd Gen)

Photo Credit: Amazon 

  • Amazon Echo Dot - Amazon's third generation puck-sized Dot is a popular and easy gift for any planner. Not only does it deliver immersive sound and follow voice controlled commands, but the Echo Dot also will read your planner the news, their to-do list, set alarms, track their fitness, and more. The Echo Dot comes in four colors: charcoal, heather gray, sandstone, and plum. 
  • Amazon Echo Dot with Clock - For $10 more, you can get the Amazon Echo Dot with a clock. This Dot not only displays the time, but it also shows in LED display, the temperature or can display a timer.  The Echo Dot with Clock is ideal for your planner's desk, nightstand, and even their kitchen.  

Amazon Echo Dot with ClockPhoto Credit: Amazon 

11. Apple HomePod: With the Apple HomePod, your planner can accomplish everyday tasks and control their smart home with their voice. The Apple HomePod connects to other smart home accessories and IOS devices to help your planner be more productive. The Apple HomePod features six microphones so it can easily pick up your planner's voice commands.  

Apple HomePodPhoto Credit: Apple

Power Banks

12. Luxtude Ultra Slim Portable Charger: Gift your meeting or event planner with the gift of fashionable charge by purchasing the affordable Luxtude Ultra Slim Portable Charger. This phone charger is priced at $17.99 and features two sleek colors, gold or black. The Luxtude charger boasts enough power to charge your iPhone for a whole day and is compatible for devices like the iPhone 6S, iPhone 8, iPhone X, the Galaxy A6s, among other devices. 

13. Anker PowerCore: The Anker PowerCore portable charger has a huge battery life, meaning it can charge your planner’s iPhone 7-8 times before needing to be charged itself. The charger weighs less than a soup can, so your planner can take this charger with them on the go.

14. USB Keychain Charger: Give your planner perhaps the most convenient way to charge their phone by gifting the USB Keychain Charger. Only $9.99, this leather Keychain Charger comes in four colors: blue, pink, white, and black. Simply snap the lightweight charger onto your keys or purse, and plug the cable into a power bank or outlet to charge your device. 

USB Keychain Charger Leather TasselPhoto Credit: Amazon 

15.  iMuto Portable Charger X6 Pro: The iMuto is the first portable charger with Qualcomm certified quick charge technology, so your planner can quickly charger their phone or other device on-the-go. The iMuto is compatible with the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, Nintendo Switch, and more.

16. iWalk Portable Charger: The iWalk is truly a portable charger. Specific for iPhone and iPads, your planner can plug the battery pack directly into their phone. Since the battery pack weighs less than an egg, your planner can still be talking and working off their phone, while it is charging.

iMuto Portable ChargerPhoto Credit: Amazon


17. Google Home Hub: The Google Home Hub will help your planner manage everything in their life. The tablet will handle everyday tasks, like creating shopping lists, managing calendar and reminders, so they don’t have to.

Google Home Hub in color whitePhoto Credit: Google- Home Hub

18. Surface Book 2: The Surface Book has the flexibility to be a laptop and tablet all-in-one. Your planner can run professional-grade software on their tablet, without sacrificing speed or graphics.

19. Fire Tablet with Alexa: With up to ten hours of battery life and 32 GB of storage and the integration of Alexa, Amazon’s Fire Tablet is an affordable gift that will help keep your event planner up-to-date and organized.

20. iPad Pro: Apple's iPad Pro features a completely new redesign to give users an all-screen, edge-to-edge liquid retina display. The iPad Pro also features Face ID, an A12X Bionic chip to run five trillion operations per second, machine learning, and more. With multitasking features powered by revolutionary technology, any planner would be thrilled to be gifted the iPad Pro.  

Apple iPad Pro
Photo Credit: Apple 


Event Technology Trends - Aventri


Portable Projectors

21. AAXA P7 Mini HD Projector : Voted the Best Portable Projector for 2019, the AAXA P7 Mini HD Projector features the latest high definition optical technology to provide viewers with the best clarity. Measuring 4.7" x 4.4" x 2.7" and weighing 1.48 pounds, the AAXA Mini Projector can easily fit in your planner's briefcase or purse. 

AAXA P7 Mini HD Projector Photo Credit: Amazon 

22. LG Minibeam LED Projector: With a two-hour battery life, LG’s Minibeam wireless projector allows your planner to stream content from their smart device anywhere at any time.

23. Vankyo Leisure 3 Portable LED Projector: This affordable, travel-friendly projector is ideal for a planner. The LED projector can be connected with their smartphone to stream content anywhere.

24. Epson PowerLite Wireless Projector: Although more expensive than the other projectors, the Epson PowerLite is a powerful, portable, wireless projector that delivers HD quality.

LG Minibeam LED Projector in color white

Photo Credit: LG- Minibeam

Live Streaming Cameras

25. Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000: The Microsoft Lifecam is a budget-friendly web camera that offers 720p of video recording. The camera is equipped with a stand that captures stable video footage anywhere and a noise cancellation microphone to ensure quality video your planner can use after the meeting or event.

Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000 in color blackPhoto Credit: Microsoft- Lifecam

26. Logitech C920 HD Pro: This mountable webcam is ideal for live streaming meetings or events. While livestreaming, the camera auto corrects the lighting to help deliver a clear video, even in dark areas.

27. MeVo: The MeVo web camera was designed specifically for live streaming. The camera is compatible with social media platforms, like Facebook, YouTube Twitter, and Periscope, so you planner can easily upload meeting or event content to their social platforms.

28. iPhone 11 Pro Max: If your planner is in need of a new smartphone and a live streaming camera for filming their meetings or events, then consider gifting the new iPhone 11 Pro Max. In addition to coming with the  iPhone 11 Pro Max also comes equipped with a triple-camera system. Not only does this triple-camera shoot the highest-quality videos on a smartphone to date, but the iPhone 11 Pro Max camera also features automatic photo editing, an Ultra Wide camera, 4x optical zoom, and cinematic video stabilization and editing tools. 

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Photo Credit: Apple 


Noise Control Head Phones

29. Apple AirPods Pro: Ranked as the number one gift under new technology releases, Apple's AirPods Pro are the gift this holiday season. Not only do these AirPods come in three sizes for a customizable fit, the AirPods Pro also feature noise cancellation technology for immersive sound. Moreover, the AirPods Pro feature noise-control modes, so users can easily switch from different modes, like active noise cancellation and transparency mode.  With noise-cancellation features, handsfree access to Siri, an adaptive EQ to tune audio to the shape of your ear, and  a 24+ battery life, the AirPods Pro are a perfect gift for any planner. 

Apple AirPods Pro

Photo Credit: Apple 

30. Bose QuietComfort Headphones: Rated one of the top performing noise canceling earbuds, the QuietControl Bose Wireless Headphones are comfortable and effective noise cancelation headphones for Apple devices. Your planner can wear these to block the noise and focus on work or decompress.

31. Amazon Echo Buds: Amazon's version of wire-free earphones, the Amazon Echo Buds are a great gift for any on-the-go planner. The Echo Buds feature Bose active noise reduction technology, hands-free Alexa voice-commands, 20 hour battery life, and are sweat resistant.    

32. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Eearphones: The Ban & Olufsen Beoplay noise cancelling earphones block 95 percent of noise. Your planner can control the degree of noise they hear on the earphone’s remote.

33. MindBeast Super Bass Headphones: If you are looking for a more affordable alternative for your planner, the MindBeast noise isolating earbuds are for you. The MindBeast reduce 90 percent of noise and are equipped with a microphone. The earbuds are compatible with Apple, Samsung, and Sony products.

Amazon Echo Buds

Photo Credit: Amazon  


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Portable Wi-Fi Devices

34. Netgear Unite Explore Mobile WiFi HotSpot: Compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile networks, the Netgear Unite Explore Mobile WiFi HotSpot is ideal for any planner. Not only does it's lightweight design makes it easy for planners to carry around, but it can support up to six devices at the same time and boasts a user-friendly, touchscreen interface.  

Netgear Unite Explore Mobile WiFi HotSpotPhoto Credit: Amazon 

35. Verizon Jetpack MiFi: Does your planner travel a lot? Give them the Verizon Jetpack Mifi. With a 15-hour battery life, Verizon’s Jetpack MiFi makes Wi-Fi on-the-go a breeze so your planner will never be without internet again.

36. Nighthawk LTE Mobile Hotspot Router: Sold by AT&T, the Nighthawk hotspot has a 20-hour battery life with fast media streaming capabilities, perfect for your planner on-the-go.

37. Roaming Man U2 Global 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot: The Roaming Man is a more affordable option for hotspot Wi-Fi. Unlike the other two products, the Roaming Man does not require a contracts or subscription, your planner can simply pay as they use the hotspot.

 Verizon Jetpack MiFi in color black

Photo Credit: Verizon

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

38. Twin Portable Bluetooth Speakers: Whether your planner needs a portable, bluetooth speaker to play music at their event, project a speakers' session, or simply listen to music in their home, the Twin Portable Bluetooth Speaker is an affordable and impressive gift option. The speakers boast TWS technology, dual bluetooth automatic connection, 3D surround stereo sound, a long battery life, and a light-weight design. The speakers are compatible with Apple, Windows, and Android devices. 

Twin Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Photo Credit: Amazon 

39. UE Boom 2: Weighing only 1.2 pounds, the UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker is an ideal gift for your on-the-go planner. The speaker has 360-degree sound, 15-hour battery life, and reaches a wireless range 30+ feet.

40. Fugoo Style: Designed for both in and outdoors, the Fugoo Style waterproof Bluetooth speaker has a 40-hour battery life, weighs one pound, and has a wireless range of 30 plus feet. This speaker is perfect for the hands-on planner.

41. JBL Charge 3: Not only does the JBL wireless speaker allow three smartphones or tablets to connect and play music, the speaker can charger your planner’s iPhone or tablet for 20 hours.

UE Boom 2 in color black

Photo Credit: Amazon 

Would you gift any of these items for your favorite event planners? Did we leave any great tech gifts off our list? Let us know by commenting below.

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