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The 9 Types of Events That Drive Sales

Lauren Mumford |

Attendee recording an event using their mobile phone Events have never been more important to the world of marketing and business. In fact, 80% of marketers believe events are critical to their company’s success, and 65% of attendees say live events have helped them gain a better understanding of a product or service.

Those stats certainly make a case for making events a part of your marketing strategy, but where do you begin? At first, you may be wondering what events are genuinely worth your time and investment, and which ones will help you drive the most leads and sales. Whether you're a B2B or B2C organization, check out the top events you should consider organizing, and learn how they may benefit your business.

Product Launches

The name speaks for itself—a product launch is an event that announces and/or celebrates the launch of your latest and greatest product. It can be a great way to generate buzz, and an entire marketing strategy can be built around it, with email, social media, video, and much more.

Road Shows

Your company's road show lets you take your vision and expertise, well, on the road. Whether it's three major cities or 10, road shows are perfect for those companies wishing to make their pitch with potential customers or connect better current clients in person in the markets most important to them.

User Conferences

Building relationships with and fostering loyalty among your current clients can be a powerful way to drive sales. User conferences allow companies to bring their clientele together to not only cultivate a community but to show them they care, whether it's through making a special announcement, offering exclusive content or sponsoring fun giveaways or activities.

Pop-Up Events

Whether it's one day or several weeks, a pop-up event, shop or retail space can serve as the ideal vehicle to get media and social media attention while connecting with your audience in-person, especially if your product or service is typically sold online. Pop-ups can be done in conjunction with a big product announcement or to simply to promote brand awareness, and they have been implemented in a variety of ways that the inspiration is truly endless.


Your company is about more than selling a product; it's about creating a culture and community. Hosting a joint fundraiser, like a gala, auction or an active event (i.e., a sporting event, walk or run), with a non-profit or a cause that connects well with your brand is an excellent way to both connect with your customers on a more personal level while increasing awareness for a good cause.

Virtual Events

While in-person events are ideal, there are lots of great ways to connect with your audience online. Not to mention virtual events, like webinars, live streams, etc., are cost-effective and have no geographical restraints for attendees. Whether it's a lecture, seminar, or announcement, hosting a virtual event offers a level of unmatched accessibility for your audience.

Boot/Training Camps

Chances are, your clients or customers want to learn more about your respective industry or find inspiration they can bring back to their own careers or professional development. One- or two-day boot camps that bring together experts that host sessions on industry trends, case studies, best practices, etc. make for an engaging experience your audience will want to jump on.

Seminar Series

Similar to boot or training camps, a sponsored seminar series is all about thought leadership or education. For example, once a quarter an industry expert or a panel of experts can talk about the latest hot topic to an audience of your current and prospective clients as an exclusive offer, or it can be open to the general public for even more awareness.

Incentive Events

Incentive events, trips or vacations are more for your internal team, but they're a great way to reward and inspire high-achievers at your company, especially those on your sales teams. By inviting them to an all-expenses-paid vacation to an exciting destination, you can motivate them to keep up the excellent work, and thus, generate even more business.

Which of these event ideas are most successful? Did we leave anything off this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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This Post was Written by Lauren Mumford

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