The Event Planner’s Guide to Copenhagen Venues

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Copenhagen, DenmarkRegarded as the world’s greatest little kingdom, Copenhagen offers visitors stately castles, beautiful architecture, delicious Nordic cuisine, historic museums, and so much more. With over 21,000 hotels, an international airport, and hundreds of unique venues, Copenhagen has been continually voted as one of the world’s top meeting and event city’s.

If that’s not enough, Copenhagen people have been frequently rated the happiest in the world and prides itself as being a city of hygee, comfort, and coziness. With such hospitality, a rich culture, and historic venues, no wonder why planners continue to choose Copenhagen to host their meetings and events.

Check out our planner’s guide to the best venues for meeting and event professionals in Copenhagen.

Top 10 Venues planners Should Consider

1. Kronborg Castle

Do you want to hold your next meeting or event at a venue that has been hosting events for more than 600 years? What about a venue that is on the UNESCO World Heritage list? Then, look no further than the Kronborg Castle. Planners can now host 500 to 10,000 guests by utilizing Kronborg’s vaults, historic halls, beautiful rounds, and more. One of the most popular spaces Kronborg offers is the 600-year-old room, the Chamber of Eric of Pomerania. Planners can host 80-100 guests in the Chambers, making the historic space suitable for receptions, dinners, and intimate meetings. Kronborg also offers planners many packages that feature unique experiences like a renaissance dinner, firing cannons, champagne by the water, burning torches along the Castle’s moat, and more. With so much history, your event at the Kronborg will be nothing sort of historic!

Kronborg Castle Venue in Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo Credit: Kongeligeslotte

2. Terminalerne

Are you looking for a sustainable, urban, flexible event space in Copenhagen? Then the Terminalerne is for you! Built in 2014 with the collaboration of three architectures, the Terminalerne was designed to offer planners flexible, sustainable space. Terminalerne is comprised of three main terminals with 24,757 sq. ft of open venue space. All three buildings are encased by glass windows to maximize natural light and feature water-front views. With space for up to 2,300 guests, the Terminals are an ideal venue choice for planners looking to host conferences, fairs, concerts, and more.

Terminalerne Venue in Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo Credit: Terminalerne

3. AC Bella Sky Copenhagen

Only five minutes from Copenhagen’s airport, the AC Bella Sky is not only one of Copenhagen’s most coinvent venues, but also the city’s largest venue space. Integrated with the Bella Center and the Comvwell Conference Center, the AC Bella Sky gives planners access to over 57,500 sq. ft of event space. Planners can choose from one of the 48 meeting rooms to host six to 930 guests. In addition to the abundance of venue space, the Hotel offers 811 guest rooms, which feature floor-to-ceiling windows, and is located near some of the city’s most popular attractions: Tivoli Gardens, Christiansburg Palace, The National Museum of Denmark, and more. No matter what space you choose, your guests are sure to be wowed by the convenient location and beautiful Scandinavian design.

AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen Venue in Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo Credit: Marriot

4. National Museum

Are you looking for unusual, but beautiful venue spaces in Copenhagen? Then the National Museum of Denmark is for you! Before it was a museum, the historic building hosted the High Court, parties, and was home to the crown princes, Frederik the 5th. Today, the museum, specifically the Prince’s Palace allows planners to host their meetings and events in Assembly Hall (80-200 guests), the Foyer (250-450 guests), the Cinema (125-150 guests), three smaller meeting rooms (42 guests), or the Courtyard. Planners can also host their event in the Danish War museum, which was home to Christian IV’s arsenal in 1604 and features old cannons. The Museum also offers planners unique add-on experiences like a “Time Travelers” race through the museum’s exhibitions, a treasure hunt, and more.

National Museum of Denmark Venue in Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo Credit: Natmus

5. Pavilions in the Bernstorff Palace Gardens

Host your next event in a 250-year-old unique building located only 5 miles from the center of Copenhagen. This dedicated meeting and event space is surrounded by the meadows of Bernstorffsparken and offers guests 22 comfortable rooms, in addition to the beautiful restaurant. For planners, the Bernstorff offers eight, modern conference rooms (20-65 guests), unique hidden rooms, like the Cellar, and teambuilding exercise like archery, shooting lessons, and coffee breaks in Queen Louise’s tea house. With stately venue space, a handpicked event staff, fine food, fair-priced event packages, and acres of greenery, who wouldn’t want to host their event at Bernstorff.

Bernstorff Slot Valdemar Venue in Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo Credit: Bernstorffslot

6. Kong Hans Kaelder

Housed in the oldest building in all of Copenhagen, the Kong Hans Kaelder has been a restaurant since 1976. With Gothic arches, wood floors, and vaulted ceilings, the Kong Hans Kaelder gives off a medieval vibe to visitors. Planners have the unique opportunity to host their next meeting or event in the King’s Parlour (24 guests), the Kitchen Table (12 guests), or the rent out the entire restaurant (60 guests). In addition to offering planners unique event spaces, the Kong Hans Kaelder features three menu options: a four, five, and six-course meal. At a restaurant where the event team prides themselves on hosting smooth events, your event will be nothing short of perfect.

Kong Hans Kaelder Venue in Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo Credit: Visit Copenhagen

7. Copenhagen Admiral Hotel

Located in the city’s center, the Copenhagen Admiral is a four-star hotel that boasts waterfront views, 366 hotel rooms, a restaurant, bar, and meeting and event space. The Admiral offers planners 11 meeting rooms with harbor views that can accommodate 2 to 300 guests. If you’re looking for a more intimate, unique space, the Admiral offers planners the opportunity to host their event on one of their United Sailing Ships (from May to September) or the New Yorker lounge (20-100 guests), which was originally a grain-drying oven for the warehouse. With such distinctive spaces and several meeting packages to choose from, the Copenhagen Admiral will serve as a memorable venue for any event.

Copenhagen Admiral Hotel 4 Venue in Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo Credit: Admiralhotel

8. Nikolaj Kunsthal

Originally Copenhagen’s third oldest church, which was partially ruined in the Great Fire of 1795, the Nikolaj Kunsthal now acts as Copenhagen’s Contemporary Art Centre. In addition to housing contemporary artwork, the Nikolaj Kunsthal offers space for venue hire. Planners can choose from three venues: the Lower Gallery (200-335 guests), the Upper Gallery (170 guests), the Tower Room (35-60 guests), and the Tower. Whether you host your event in the Lower Gallery with the nave and aisle of the original church, in the Tower with unique views of Copenhagen, or in one of the other spaces, your event is sure to be memorable and special for your attendees.

Nikolaj Kunsthal Venue in Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo Credit: NikolajKunsthal

9. The Round Tower

Home to Europe’s oldest running astronomy observatory, the Round Tower is not only a popular Copenhagen iconic, but also a popular intimate venue space. The Round Tower allows planners to host meetings business events in spacious Library Hall, an art exhibition and concert hall. The Round Tower also offers planners two smaller venue spaces, the Old Reading Room (14 guests) and the Director’s Old Apartment (7 guests). With so much rich history, 360-degree views of the city, and beautiful meeting and event space, why wouldn’t you want to host your meeting in the Round Tower.

The Round Tower Venue in Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo Credit: Rundetaarn

10. Kurhotel Skodsborg

Are you looking for a venue conveniently located near Copenhagen, but away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Then the Kurhotel Skodsborg is the place for you! Just 20 minutes from the center of Copenhagen, the Kurhotel Skodsborg, a Nordic spa hotel, offers planners and guests green grounds, beach-front access, entrance to their award-winning Spa and Fitness, guest rooms, and venue space. The Kurhotel Skodsborg offers planners venue space that accommodates four to 110 guests, meeting packages, and team building add-ons. Whether you choose to host a traditional meeting inside or utilize one of the Hotel’s special offerings like customizable outdoor treasure hunts or cooking classes with a top chef, your guests will surely be inspired by their scenic surroundings and your event.

Kurhotel Skodsborg Venue in Copenhagen, Denmark


Photo Credit: Skodsborg


Top 3 Things to Do in Copenhagen

1. Nyhavn

Built over 400 years ago, the town of Nyhavn has been home to famous artists, poets, and writers, like HC Andersen, Heinrich Gustav Ferdinand Holm, and more. Today, Nyhavn features so much to do like, touring the beautiful canals ($13 for adults; $6.50 for kids 6-15), sampling some local cuisine, or enjoying live music, and more.

Pro Tip: If you are traveling to Nyhavn in July, be sure to stop by the annual Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo Credit: Nyhavn

2. Tivoli Gardens

Regarded as a must-see for visitors of all ages, the Tivoli Gardens is Copenhagen’s amusement park. Built in 1843, the park features historic buildings, gardens, unique architecture, and of course, rides. Be sure to check out the wooden Roller Coaster, which features a brakeman on every ride, the Vertigo, and the Demon.

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo Credit: Tivoli Gardens Facebook

3. The Little Mermaid

One of Copenhagen’s most renown attractions, the Little Mermaid is a sculpture inspired by one of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. The Little Mermaid was gifted to the City of Copenhagen in 1913 by Carl Jacobsen and is located in Osterbro on the harbor.

Pro Tip: The statue is free to visit but because it is considered an iconic attraction, the statue can get very crowded. Experts suggest arriving early or late in the day before the statue becomes crowded.

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo Credit: Visit Copenhagen


Have you ever hosted an event in one of these Copenhagen venues? How did it go? What was your favorite thing to do inside and outside of Copenhagen? Let us know by commenting below!


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