The Event Planner’s Guide to Dubrovnik Venues

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DubrovnikWith crystal blue water, mystical mountains, pebble beaches, massive stone fortresses, historic palaces, and Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance churches, it’s understandable why Dubrovnik is one of the most popular cities in the world.

Because of all the unique, historical monuments and venues in Dubrovnik, the city has not only been named a World Heritage Site, but was also where Game of Throne’s chose to film King’s Landing.

It’s no wonder that the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, with all its diversity and vibrancy has become one of the most sought-after cities for meetings and events.

Check out our planner’s guide to the best venues and places to stay in Dubrovnik for meeting and event professionals.


Top 10 Venues planners Should Consider

1. Park Orsula

If you’re looking for an open-air venue with views that will stun your attendees, then Dubrovnik’s Park Orsula is the place for you. Since its opening in the summer of 2012, Park Orsula has been the venue for big live events, like concerts, weddings, product launches and more. With a walking path from town, planners can host their events at the amphitheater for up to 350 guests. If the views of Dubrovnik’s Old Town and the Sea weren’t enough, your attendees can also explore the remains of St. Ursula’s medieval 14th-century chapel and the snack bar.

Park Orsula Venue in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Photo Credit: Park Orsula

2. Klarisa

Host your next meeting or event at one of Dubrovnik’s top restaurant’s, Klarisa, located in the historical heart of the city. Thanks to the large courtyard and dining room, Klarisa can transform into a conference center just for you! You can choose from a variety of setups and dining menus or work with their award-winning culinary and event team to customize your entire event. By hosting your event at Klarisa, you’ll give your attendees the experience of uniqueness, charm, and the opportunity to taste true Dubrovnik Mediterranean cuisine.

Klarisa Venue in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Photo Credit: Klarisa

3. Sponza Palace

Give your guests the royal treatment by hosting your next meeting or event in the Sponza Palace. Built in the 16thcentury, the Sponza is regarded as one of Dubrovnik’s most elegant venue spaces in all of the city. Planners can host 80-120 guests in the atrium or the arched gallery, which both feature beautiful Gothic windows and Renaissance architecture. In between or after your event, your guests can explore the two museums t housed in the Palace: Dubrovnik’s State Archives and the Dubrovnik Defenders Museum. With so much history and beautiful architecture, no wonder why the Sponza Palace is one of Dubrovnik’s most popular venue spaces.

Sponza Palace Venue in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Photo Credit: Dubrovnik Festival

4. Sun Gardens

If you’re looking for remarkable venue space and 5-star hotel accommodations for your guests, then the Sun Gardens hotel is for you! Located in Dubrovnik on the Adriatic Sea, the Sun Gardens offers planners over 19,376 sq. ft of meeting and event space. Some of the most renown venue spaces on the property are the outdoor covered with views of the Sea, the 1,000-person Ballroom, and the bright and airy Windroses rooms. Planners can also choose from one of the many add-ons like, sailing in a historical galleon, an authentic Dalmatian dinner, cruises around the Elaphite Archipelago, among others, to enhance their events. In addition to its meeting and event offerings, the Hotel features 408 guest rooms, a spa, sports center, rooftop terrace, restaurant, outdoor pools, a private beach, and more.

Sun Gardens Venue in Dubrovnik, CroatiaPhoto Credit: Dubrovnik Sun Gardens

5. Franciscan Monastery

Mix history and modernity by hosting your event at Dubrovnik’s Franciscan’s Monastery. Located within the city’s walls, this Monastery is known as being the third-oldest active pharmacy in Europe, a 14th-century cloister, and a museum. Planners have the opportunity to host their next meeting or event in this Monastery. Up to 200 guests can enjoy the views of the orange trees from the garden, the beautiful columns, the paintings, manuscripts, tomes, and other valuable artifacts. Your guests will be nothing sort of amazed if you host your event at Dubrovnik’s Franciscan’s Monastery.

Franciscan’s Monastery Venue in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Photo Credit: inTours

6. Hotel Dubrovnik Palace

Located between the Adriatic Sea and a pine forest, Hotel Dubrovnik Palace not only offers guests 308 guest rooms each with views of the sea, but also offers five-star amenities and multi-award-winning venue space. Planners can choose from 11 conference rooms capable of holding 10 to 1,000 guests and outdoor venue. The largest venue room is the Mare, which boasts coast views and premium technical equipment. With beautiful venue space, world-class dining, an energy clinic spa, and more, hosting your next meeting or event at the Palace will be nothing short of perfect.

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace Venue in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Photo Credit: Adriatic Luxury Hotels

7. Fortress Lovijenac

Located outside the western wall of Dubrovnik, Fortress Lovijenac was built between 1018 and 1038, 37 meters above the sea. Today, Lovijenac acts as a theater and event space. With 180 panoramic sea views, Fortress Lovijenac offers planners space open-air space for 50 to 200 guests. Since the Fortress was built before elevators, guests will have to walk up 150 cobblestone steps to reach the top of the Fortress, but once they do, they will be met with breathtaking views. If you’re looking for a truly unique venue that your guests will never forget, then Fortress Lovijenac is for you!

Fortress Lovrijenac Venue in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Photo Credit: Vukovic Wedding

8. Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik

Formerly the Banac Mansion, the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik boasts a permanent collection of modern artworks, specifically works from Croatian painter, Vlaho Bukovac. The four-floor museum also acts as venue space and offers planners nine rooms of exhibition space in addition to outdoor space. Guests can enjoy panoramic views of the sea, the Old Town, the Island of Lokrum, and enjoy the neo-Renaissance, Gothic style architecture. With so much open space and beautiful views, the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik is an ideal and popular venue spot for parties and weddings.

Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik Venue in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Photo Credit: Ug Dubrovnik

9. Brautovic

Run by the Brautovic family for over 500 years, the Brautovic is a vineyard, garden to table tavern, and guesthouse, that has severed many visitors from all over the world. The Brautovic also offers planners venue space: the Tavern, the Wine Cellar, and the Oil Chamber. Up to 30 guests can enjoy some of the Tavern’s specialty meals—Peka, Raw and smoked fish, and Lavender cake—sample wine from the winery or some extra-virgin olive oil. Whether you choose to treat your guests to wine tastings, or meals from their staple menu, Brautovic is the perfect location for planners looking to host intimate events.

Brautovic Venue in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Photo Credit: Brautovic Facebook

10. Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik

Winner of multiple awards, the Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik hotel is a premium business hotel, known for its marriage of modernity and nature. The Valamar offers planners 401 guest-rooms and 15 meeting halls, one of which hosts up to 1,200 guests, making it the largest conference facility in the area. In their spare time, your guests can lounge by one of the Hotel’s pools, play tennis, go to the spa, beach, or explore the surrounding old town of Dubrovnik. With so many recognitions and such great features, the Valamar Lacroma really is an ideal place to host your next meeting or event.

Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik Venue in Dubrovnik, Croatia


Photo Credit: Valamar


Top 3 Things to Do in Dubrovnik

1. City Walls

Built in the 13thcentury, Dubrovnik’s city walls will most likely be the first thing you see before entering the city. The walls were built to enclose and protect the entire Old Town and were 82 feet high. Today, the walls have become a favorite spot of tourists to take in some of the city’s best views. Tickets for the wall cost $9 USD and are opened from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Pro Tip: Did you know that Kings Landing of Game of Thrones was filmed in Dubrovnik, specifically in the city walls and Old Town? You can buy tickets here to explore all of the filming locations.

City Walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Photo Credit: Dubrovnik-Online

2. Dubrovnik Old Town

If your hotel or venue isn’t in Dubrovnik’s Old Town, then you definitely have to pay it a visit. The Old Town, although was badly damaged in 1667 earthquake, is filled with historic palaces, churches, monasteries, fountains, and more. In addition to all of the historical monuments, visitors can explore the restaurants, shops, and more.

Pro Tip: Be sure to explore Luza Square, which is regarded as one of the most impressive town squares in the city.

Dubrovnik Luza Square in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Photo Credit: World Wanderista

3. Lokrum Island

Visitors often say that the beaches in Dubrovnik, although beautiful, are crowded and small. So, if you’re looking to relax on a beach without the crowds, you can head a less than a mile offshore to Lokrum Island. In addition to its beautiful beaches, Lokrum Island offers visitors the opportunity to explore the 19thcentury Napoleonic Fort Royale.
Pro Tip: You can ride a taxi boat, which leaves every half an hour, to Lokrum Island for $4.75 USD.

Lokrum Island in Dubrovnik, CroatiaPhoto Credit: Adventure Almatia


Have you ever hosted an event in one of these Dubrovnik venues? How did it go? What was your favorite thing to do inside and outside of Dubrovnik? Let us know by commenting below!

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