The Event Planner’s Guide to Frankfurt Venues

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Venues in Frankfurt, Germany for event plannersOne of Europe’s leading business centers for production, trading, and research, Frankfurt houses over 5 million business professionals. Because Frankfurt is located in the center of Europe, passengers from over 260 destinations in 100 countries land in Frankfurt daily, making the city an ideal location for meetings and events.

Planners can choose from over 250 hotels and unique venues surrounding the international airport while providing their guests with access to Frankfurt’s rich history and attractions. Host your next meeting or event in Frankfurt to join the millions of other international decision-makers.

Check out our guide to the best Frankfurt venues below.

Top 10 Venues Planners Should Consider

1. The Squaire

Conveniently located at Frankfurt’s International Airport fifteen minutes from downtown Frankfurt, Frankfurt’s Convention Center is an ideal location for meetings and events. Not only does the Squaire, feature over 1,037,641 sq. ft of meeting and event space, the Center was built with a New Work City concept, meaning the Squaire is like a city under one roof. In addition to its meeting space, the Squaire contains two Hilton hotel: Hilton Frankfurt Airport (249 guest rooms) and Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport (334 guest rooms). Both hotels also have meeting and event space of their own. The Hilton Frankfurt Airport has the “Globe” ballroom (570 people) and 10 conference rooms, while the Hilton Garden Inn features 3 conference rooms.

But that’s not all. The Squaire also has over 21 restaurants and shops attendees can visit in-between meetings. At the Squaire your guests will be a short walk from your meeting or event, authentic restaurants, and their hotel.

The Squaire venue in Frankfurt, GermanyPhoto Credit: The Squaire

2. The Aircraft

Winner of the Berlin Coveted Location Award, the Aircraft at Burghof offers guests a truly unique experience. Located on the pond of the historic castle Hayn in Dreieichenhain, the Aircraft is a plane redesigned as an event space. The Aircraft features three spaces for meetings and events: the Cabin (100-180 people), the Captain’s Lounge Bar and Terrace (80 people), and the Wings (80 people). The venue still features original parts from the aircraft like the turbines, propellers, aircraft seats, and windows. Let time fly by at your next meeting or event by choosing the Aircraft.

The Aircraft venue in Frankfurt, GermanyPhoto Credit: The Aircraft

3. Dinner in the Sky

Looking for an out-of-this-world experience that your guests will never forget? Then Dinner in the Sky is for you. The award-winning event platform features a 22-person table that is lifted into the sky using a 120-ton crane. Floating above your chosen location, your guests can enjoy your meeting, product presentation, and more. Reach new heights at your next meeting or event with Dinner in the Sky.

Dinner in the Sky Frankfurt, GermanyPhoto Credit: Dinner in the Sky

4. Stadel Museum

Renowned for its collection of international artists work, like Monet, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Picasso, the Städel Museum also acts as a meeting and event space. The Städel features Metzler Foyer and the Metzler Hall, which can hold 400 guests, and the Städel Garden, which can accommodate 1,500 guests. However, due to its popularity, only partners, patrons, and sponsors can hold meetings or events at the Städel.

Stadel Museum in Frankfurt, GermanyPhoto Credit: The Städel Museum

5. Chamaleon

Flexible and adaptable like a chameleon, the Chamäleon is one of Frankfurt’s largest indoor and outdoor venues, accommodating up to 2,000 guests. Located on Chamäleon Beach the Chamäleon features four meeting and event spaces: Hall 1 (800 guests), Hall 2 (1,000 guests), Club Tent (10,764 sq. ft), and the Beach Tent (2,368 sq. ft). The Chamäleon also offers specific packages: wedding, holiday party, conference & framework program, product presentation, gala dinner, employee fest, and a summer festival. 

The Chamaleon venue in Frankfurt, GermanyPhoto Credit: The Chamäleon

6. Villa Kennedy

Located in central Frankfurt ten minutes from the Frankfurt International Airport, Villa Kennedy offers Neo-Gothic architecture meeting and event space. Villa Kennedy, named after President John F Kennedy when he visited in 1963, features a 3,509 sq. ft Ballroom (60-350 guests), two historic rooms, Salon Ludwig Erhard (29-70 guests) and Salon Walter Kolb (14 guests), five Salons (12-130 guests), which can also be made into two larger spaces, a balcony (60 guests), and garden space (7,534 sq. ft). Villa Kennedy is also an elegant hotel that features 163 guest rooms, a spa, pool, an award-winning restaurant, Gusto, and bars. Make your next meeting or event presidential, by hosting it at the Villa Kennedy.

Villa Kennedy venue in in Frankfurt, GermanyPhoto Credit: Villa Kennedy

7. Commerzbank Arena

Formerly the Frankfurt Waldstadion, the Commerzbank-Arena is a newly renovated football (soccer) stadium with a Business Center for meeting and events. The Commerzbank-Arena features four levels of meeting and event space three Business Lounges (39-384), four Executive Lounges (19-304), two Sky Lounges (14-72), the Press Conference room (60-120), and the Welcome Zone (150-500). In addition, the Arena offers 83 private boxes, which hold 6 to 22 guests with views of the soccer field. Immerse your guests in Germany’s sporting history by hosting your next event at the Commerzbank-Arena.

Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt, GermanyPhoto Credit: Fiiylo: Commerzbank-Arena

8. Frankfurt Alte Oper Regus

Located at the Old Opera center, the Frankfurt Alte Oper Regus is a space dedicated to meetings. Planners can choose from four different types of office space: window office, interior office (lowest price), office suite, and co-working space. Planners pay an all-inclusive price for the chosen space, which includes access to free Wi-Fi, phones, utilities, customizable layouts, staffed reception, and more. Frankfurt Alte Oper Regus is also surrounded by some of Frankfurt’s best shops and is only located 20 minutes from the International airport.

The Frankfurt Alte Oper Regus in Frankfurt, GermanyPhoto Credit: Frankfurt Regus

9. Burg Frankenstein

Renowned as being the location that inspired Mary Shelley to write her novel, Frankenstein, the New Prometheus, Burg Frankenstein is a historic castle that sits on 1,214 ft spur. In addition to being a popular restaurant and tourist location, the Burg Frankenstein also serves as a popular meeting and event space. Burg Frankenstein features three spaces: the Restaurant at Burg Frankenstein (90 guests) the Odenwald room (50-100 guests), and the Arbogaststube (22 guests). Enchant your guests with the medieval castle’s views, history, and myths by hosting your next meeting or event at the Burg Frankenstein.

Burg Frankenstein in Frankfurt, GermanyPhoto Credit: Eberstadt Burg Frankenstein

10. Roomers

Looking for an intimate location to hold an exclusive meeting, intimate, cocktail hour, or meet-and-greet? Then Roomers is for you. Designed to reflect the city of Frankfurt and its culture, the hotel features four venues: Gossip (30-40 people), Rumor (12-25 people), Buzz (12-25 people), and Skylounge (40 people). Each meeting space also has a balcony overlooking the Frankfurt skyline, which can be utilized. In addition to Rommers’ meeting and event space, the hotel offers 116 guest rooms, an award-winning bar, a restaurant, and an innovative spa. By hosting your meeting or event at Rommers, not only will your guests experience intimacy, they will experience the Frankfurt culture.


Rommers venue in in Frankfurt, GermanyPhoto Credit: Rommers

Top 3 Things to Do in Frankfurt

1. The Römerberg

Located in Frankfurt’s Old Town, the Römerberg is a picturesque square with traditional half-timbered buildings surrounding the renowned Justice Foundation. While in Römerberg, tourists can visit the open-front shops, the Old Town Hall, St. Nicholas Church, the Historical Museum, and more.

The Römerberg in Frankfurt, GermanyPhoto Credit: Frankfurt -Tourismus

2. St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral

Built from red sandstone between the 13th and 15th centuries, St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral towers 95 m, making it hard to miss. The Cathedral also features a Crucifixion sculpture by Hans Backoffen, the grave-slab of King Günther von Schwarzburg, and more.

St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral in Frankfurt, GermanyPhoto Credit: Frankfurt- Tourismus

3. The Museum District

Located on the south bank of the River Main in Frankfurt, the Museum District features a string of separate first-rate museums. Some include the Museum of World Cultures, Museum of Ancient Sculpture, the Städel Art Museum, the Icon Museum, and the German Architectural Museum.

Museum District in Frankfurt, GermanyPhoto Credit: Frankfurt-Tourismus

Have you ever hosted an event in one of these Frankfurt venues? How did it go? What was your favorite thing to do inside and outside of Frankfurt? Let us know by commenting below!

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