The Event Planner’s Guide to London Venues

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London, England city skylineAre you tired of traditional conference centers and boardrooms? Are you looking for venues that your attendees will be sure to remember? Then, London is for you! With over 2,000 years of history, 1,000 venues, 146,000 hotel rooms, and six airports, London offers planners an array of historic, accessible, unique venues that will impress any attendee. Explore the top venues in London and see how London can make your next meeting or event one fit for royalty.

Top 10 Venues Planners Should Consider

1. One Great George Street

Central London’s award-winning conference center, One Great George Street, is a conference center featuring 21 flexible space rooms, which can host two to 400 people. The center’s most sought after venue space is the Great Hall, which has hosted some historic events such as the establishing signing of the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization), and feature films like, “Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason.” With marble walls, painted ceilings, and grand chandeliers, the Great Hall can hold 135 to 400 guests. The center is also conveniently located in walking distance to the London Eye, House of Parliament, and Buckingham Palace. With your choice of layouts and styles, One Great George Street is an ideal location for your next meeting or event.

oggs-great-hall-01Photo Credit: One Great George Street

2. Hampton Court Palace

The Hampton Court Palace has acted as a venue space for planners since 1514 for kings like Henry VIII and William III, and now you can host your next event here too. Host your meeting or event in Henry VIII’s beer cellar, known as the Undercroft (180-250 guests), Queen Anne’s drawing room (80-150 guests), King William’s military room (150-200 guests), King William’s personal entertainment room known as the Little Banqueting House (50-80 guests) and more. The Hampton Court Palace also offers outdoor venues, such as the Organgery and Privy Garden (150-250 guests), the Garden Room (220-500 guests), the Marquees Palace courtyards (360-1,200 guests), and the Marquees Palace grounds (1,000-3,000 guests). Dazzle your guests with a venue that is good enough for England’s most popular kings and queens.

Hampton Court PalacePhoto Credit: Hampton Court Palace

3. Corinthia Hotel London

Immerse your guests in the sophistication of the Victorian heritage by hosting your next meeting or event at the Corinthia Hotel in London. Located in the heart of of the city, the Corinthia offers eight meeting rooms: the Ballroom, the Courtroom, the Orion Room, the Collingwood Room, the Nelson, the Victory Room, and the Hardy Room. Some of the most popular venues include the Ballroom (58-400 guests), which features high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and the Courtroom (42-200 guests), which features mirrored walls, creating a feeling of elegance and intimacy. Your attendees can also stay in one of the hotel’s 294 rooms and walk to some of London’s main attractions, like the Trafalgar Square, Westminster, the River Thames, and the Convent Garden. By hosting your next meeting or event at the Corinthia Hotel, your attendees will experience London’s heritage and elegance.

Corinthia Hotel LondonPhoto Credit: The Corinthia Hotel, London

4. Wellington Arch

One of London’s most renown landmark, the Wellington Arch also serves as a secret venue for planners. Home to London’s second smallest police station till 1922, the Arch now acts as a venue space, featuring two venues for planners: The Upper Quadriga Gallery and the Balcony. Both spaces can house 20-80 guests. Your guests will enjoy views of London’s Royal Parks, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace Gardens, and the Westminster, all while enjoying the history and of the Wellington Arch.

Wellington ArchPhoto Credit: Wellington Arch

5. Tower Bridge

London’s award-winning venue for meeting and events, the Tower Bridge is one of London’s defining landmarks that offers three unique venues for planners. You can host your next meeting or event in one of the Bridge’s Walkways (60-250 guests), which feature glass floors and panoramic views of the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Docklands, and more. You can also hold your meeting or event in the Engine Rooms (60-120 guests), which house coal-driven engines that used to power the Bridge Lifts, or the North Tower Lounge (20-50 guests), which features the original, neo-Gothic architecture. Give your attendees something really to remember, by hosting your next meeting or event 17-stories high.

Tower BridgePhoto Credit: Tower Bridge

6. One Whitehall Place

Located in the 282-guest room Royal Horesguards Hotel, One Whitehall Place is one of the most prestigious  venues in London. One Whitehall Place offers 14 different space: the Gladstone Library (80-320 guests), the Reading & Writing Room (56-250 guests), River Room (32-70 guests), Meston Room (30-80 guests), the Whitehall Suite (80-320 guests), Chelsea Suite (24-48 guests), Thames Suite (24-50 guests), the Cellar (10-40 guests), the Waterloo Suite (14-25 guests), Churchill’s Bar (10-50 guests), the Executive Boardroom (10 guests), the Terrace Room (24-30 guests), the London Room (12-25 guests), and the Terrace. Perhaps the most renown venue is the Gladstone Library which was originally built to house the National Liberal Club founded by four-time British Prime Minister, William Gladstone. In addition to featuring 3,014 sq. ft of event space, the library features over 30,000 volumes of books that line the shelves surrounding the room. Whether you host a small meeting or large event, the One Whitehall Place will accommodate your needs in a uniquely-historic style.

one whitehall placePhoto Credit: The Royal Horesguards Hotel

7. Tower of London

For 1,000 years, the Tower of London stood to protect the city, while housing some of the most high-profile prisoners. Now, the Tower of London can host your next meeting or event. The Tower features eight venues: the Jewel House (150 guests), the White Tower (80-250 guests), the Martin Tower (12 guests), the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (70-80 guests), St. Thomas’s Tower (20-40 guests), Wakefield Tower (40-80 guests), the Banqueting Suite (150-300 guests), and the Meeting suite (6-100 guests). One of the Tower’s most boasted venue space is the Jewel House, which has the world’s most valuable array of crowns and jewels. Let your attendees discover the “eventful” history of the Tower of London while experiencing your legendary meeting or event.

tower of londonPhoto Credit: The Tower of London

8. Gibson Hall

Formerly London’s largest banking hall designed by John Gibson, Gibson Hall now acts as a unique venue specifically for meetings and events. In addition to the beautiful Victorian neo-classical architecture, the Hall features three venues that can be rented together or separately: The Main Hall (140-450 guests), the Garden Room (50-300 guests), and the Garden (250-400 guests). Gibson Hall also has an onsite catering team, KUDOS who will help you create a personalized menu for your guests. With its professional staff, beautiful architecture, and convenient location, no wonder this Grade I building has a reputation  as one of London’s finest venues.

gibson hallPhoto Credit: Gibson Hall

9. Kensington Palace

Conveniently located in the heart of London, Kensington Palace has acted as a meeting and event space since 1689 for royalty, and now you can enchant your attendees by hosting your next meeting or event at the Palace. The Palace features ten stylish, historic, and intimate venues: Entrance Hall (140-300 guests), Queen’s Gallery (70-170 guests), King’s Gallery (100-170 guests), King’s Drawing Room (90-100 guests), Cupola Room (80-100 guests), Privy Chamber (40-70 guests), The Orangery (120-300 guests), and the Sunken Garden (80 guests). One of the most popular rooms is the Cupola Room, which features a beautiful centerpiece made up of a clock, music box, and a piece of art. Your guests will enjoy the views of Kensington’s gardens, the room’s décor, and history. Give your meeting or event stately status by hosting your next meeting or event at Kensington Palace.

kensington palacePhoto Credit: Kensington Palace

10. The Grove

Looking for a venue tucked away from London’s hustle? The Grove is a renowned country estate, golf course, luxury hotel, award-winning spa, and venue space only 18 miles from central London. Formerly the home of Earls of Clarendon, the Grove is surrounded by 300 acres of grounds and features 8 indoor spaces in addition to three outdoor spaces. The Grove can accommodate any size group, from a 12-person meeting in one of the 10 Small Meeting Room to Amber, the 450-guest room with panoramic views of the grounds, to the 140,448 sq. ft outdoor space with a swimming pool, tennis courts, and kitchen garden. No matter what space you choose, this five-star retreat will provide your guests with an experience they will remember and cherish.


The GrovePhoto Credit: The Grove


Top 3 Things to Do in London

1. British Museum

Rated the best thing to do in London, the British Museum contains some of the worlds most noted artifacts and antiques like the Rosetta Stone, the Elgin Marbles, and the Lindow Man, in addition to more than 8 million other objects. Tickets for the British Museum are free, but if you need help navigating the museum, free tours  are offered daily.

british museumPhoto Credit: British Museum

2. Buckingham Palace

Home of Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace is opened for tours from July to late October. On tour, you can discover the 19 State Rooms which the Royal family use to host guests. Tickets cost 24 pounds for adults; 13.5 pounds for kids 17 and younger, and free for kids 5 and younger.

buckingham palacePhoto Credit: Royal Collection Trust: Buckingham Palace

3. Westminster Abbey

Home of many royal weddings and coronations, Westminster Abbey is one of London’s most historic medieval churches founded in 960 AD. One of the most popular must-sees is the Poets’ Corner (where Geoffery Chaucer, Charles Dickens, and more ray at rest). Tickets cost 22 pounds for adults, 9 pounds for kids 6-16, and free for kids 5 and younger. To save some money and to ensure entrance, you can purchase your tickets  online, ahead of your arrival.

westminster abbeyPhoto Credit: Westminster Abbey


Have you ever hosted an event in one of these London venues? How did it go? What was your favorite thing to do inside and outside of London? Let us know by commenting below!

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