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The Top 3 Ways to Connect with Attendees Via Your Mobile Event App

Kaitlyn Tatulli |

connect with attendees Connecting with people is what meetings and events are about. Attendees want to connect with speakers and peers, and planners want to connect with their attendees. But making real, meaningful connections at events can be harder than it seems. To help optimize connections, you can integrate a mobile event app into your next event.

Learn how mobile event apps can help you and your attendees build lasting connections at your next event.

1. Personalization

One way to connect with your attendees via your mobile event app is through personalization.

Some mobile apps allow you to personalize the visuals of the app to align with your, colors, and overall brand. These visual customizations will help attendees feel “at home” while navigating your app.

In addition to app customization, planners can personalize an attendee’s event registration path so that an attendee does not receive unnecessary information or is not promoted to answer non-applicable questions. You can also use this registration information to personalize an attendee’s schedule. So, when they open their app, they will see only the sessions and activities that they have registered for.

2. Engagement

In addition to personalization, mobile event apps can be used to increase attendee engagement during your event to help foster meaningful connections between you and your attendees.

Specifically, you can use the polling or surveying feature in your event mobile app to ask attendees their preferences on session topics and speakers before your event. During your event, you can engage attendees by polling in real-time during sessions to better gauge how the session is going. After your event, you can continue to engage your attendees by sending a follow-up event survey through the mobile app. Not only do polls and surveys help you gain valuable insights into your event, but this feature also helps your attendees feel valued and connected.

In addition to polling and surveying, registered attendees can network with each other by using the “match maker” feature on the app. This feature will connect like-minded attendees and provide them the capability to message each other. If speakers or hosted buyers are using your app, they can schedule individual appointments with attendees by launching the appointment booking system.

3. Communication

Connect better with your attendees at all stages of your event by personalizing your communication with them.

Your mobile event app allows you to send personalized push notifications to all users. During your event, you can define attendee types (e.g. speaker, guest, VIP) based off of their registration information and send targeted, personally relevant notifications to them about sessions, activities, and more. The options to promote and engage attendees through push notifications are really limitless.

The more specific the information you provide your attendees through the mobile app the more useful attendees will find the app and the comfortable attendees will feel with the event.

How do you connect with your attendees at your events? Through your mobile event app? Let us know by commenting below?

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This Post was Written by Kaitlyn Tatulli

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