The Top 8 Benefits of Using One Events Platform

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The Top 8 Benefits of Using One Events PlatformIn this day and age, event planning without technology just simply doesn’t cut it. Planners need to be investing in technology and software to optimize their time and save their money. However, if the goal of technology is to help you work smarter, in a more streamlined and efficient manner, you should make sure you’re investing in software that makes your life easier, instead of creating a bunch of new items on your to-do list. Sure, it’s important to pick platforms for your specific needs, but don’t simply jump on every offer that seems like it might band-aid your current problem. Instead, consider looking into one single event platform that has the capabilities to carry you through every step of the event planning journey. There are so many benefits to switching over to one seamless, all-inclusive event management software.

1. Start to Finish: Planning that Covers the Entire Attendee Journey

From the moment your event reaches the eyes or ears of your potential attendee to the post-event follow-up and feedback, having one heavy-duty event management platform is a must. If your event management is consistent and reliable from the moment you pique their interest to long after attendees have gone home, it’s a relief for planner and attendee alike. On both the front-end and the back-end, the comfort of never needing to leave the software, cutting out the middle men and keeping everything cohesive are weights of everyone’s shoulders.

2. What You Need, Where You Need It: Consolidation of Tools

One of the seemingly intuitive yet understated advantages of event management systems is the ability to have all of the tools and resources right where you need them. Because these event management platforms were designed with the entire attendee journey in mind, they also are prepared for every step a planner might need to take throughout the process, as well as how each step interacts with the next. All of the resources and tools you could need are in one place.

3. All the Bells and Whistles: Seamless Integration of Tools

Just because you’re signing up for an event management system doesn’t mean you have to let go of your favorite integrations. For example, Aventri offers integrations with many popular technologies like Marketo, Salesforce, Paypal and more. Rather than choosing a separate event management program, pick one that caters to your wants without shortchanging your needs.

4. Info at Your Fingertips: Data is All in One Place

Events are data-driven like anything else; whether you’re measuring yourself in lead conversion, ROI or general survey-feedback, you need to be able to back up your budget. A comprehensive event management system is like a secret weapon, because it can do it all. With session tracking technologies, email marketing add-ons and even with data from event mobile apps, the measurable benefits of event management software are boundless.

5. Do Less and Get More: Save Time & Money by Automating Tasks

Long-gone are the days of printing… and reprinting…and reprinting name badges, or crossing out names with a highlighter and stressing over last-minute registrations. Event technology—and specifically when incorporated in comprehensive event management systems—is designed to cut down on the tedious tasks so that you can put your mind-power into the aspects that need more time and energy. Instead of wasting your time and burning yourself out on tasks that can be automated, invest in the more person-to-person aspects of the event.

6. Polished and Put Together: Unified Look & Feel

For perfectionist planners, this is the true sell: from start to finish, your event platform can have a unified look and feel. From the email marketing to specific features of your event website—which you can personalize and customize as you see fit—your event will come across as one extremely branded and cohesive production. For many attendees, an easy-to-navigate, aesthetically appealing event website experience might be the make or break.

7. Tie Up All the Loose Ends: Simplify Hospitality & Travel

If your event requires travel, you can even ease the convenience for your attendees with helpful integrations that allow for flight booking and hotel reservations. If you’re hosting a conference and want everyone in hotel? The right event management system can even help you with that.

8. Someone to Lean On: One Support Team that Can Help You With Everything

Last, but certainly not least, with comprehensive event management software, planners are given someone to lean on and turn to who will know the answer to all of their questions. In the chaos of event planning, you want to be able to call one contact who can help you, no matter the problem. Instead of ruling out, piece by piece, what aspect of your event management is lacking, you’ll have one support team with a mastery of all of the pieces. Event management systems can help you connect better, smarter and more easily.

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This Post was Written by Taylor Shaw

Taylor is a summer marketing intern at Aventri. She is currently a rising senior at Fordham University, where she studies English and Marketing. On campus, she is the managing editor of The Fordham Ram, the university’s 100-year-old newspaper. She...

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