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8 Tips to Get Registrants to Attend Your Virtual Event

Pam Prado |

business professional registering for a virtual eventWith many in-person events switching to virtual over the past few months, event professionals are looking for creative ways to convert event registrants into attendees. While a large part of the world continues to work remotely from home, there are a number of reasons why your registrations might not always reflect event attendance. Here, we provide you with a few tips to get your registrants to attend your virtual event.

Target the Right Audience

First and foremost, make sure you are reaching out to the correct segment of people. Research the market and determine those who would be most interested in consuming your content and see it as beneficial to their role or useful in achieving their goals. Be sure to market your virtual event to these individuals using automated email marketing campaigns and a uniquely branded event website. Chances are, with an accurately targeted registrant pool you will see an increase in your virtual event attendance.

Study Your Organization’s Content

When planning for your virtual event, take time to become an expert on your organization’s content. Be sure you are providing your audience with the most up-to-date information and prepare for any questions that may arise. If registrants are interested in what your virtual event has to offer, use this opportunity to establish your organization as an industry leader among your attendees.

Showcase an Event Itinerary

Share with your registrants the different sessions, speakers, and topics that will be featured at your event. By showcasing an event itinerary in a simple, yet visual format, your registrants can better understand what your event is about. A great example of this is Drift’s RevGrowth Virtual Summit itinerary, which outlines their event by day, session title, speakers, and even short breaks. A descriptive event itinerary will not only help your registrants get excited about the content you will be providing, but also help them plan their day and time accordingly to tune into your online event.

Provide Value

Make your virtual event one that registrants want to invest their time into by providing them with both entertaining and educational content. Share with them the latest key trends, thought leadership, and best practices that they should be aware of within your industry. More specifically, consider your event as an exchange of mutual value. In other words, you know what you want out of it, but what would your attendees want out of it?

Give an Incentive

When hosting an online event, a little incentive goes a long way. Establish your event as a can’t-miss opportunity by offering your registrants content that can only be obtained exclusively at your online event. Additionally, consider announcing a prize drawing, swag bag giveaway, or implementing a credit system for those who attend your virtual event. A great example is ActualTech Media’s webinars which often offer registrants the opportunity to win a $300 gift card; moreover, in order to qualify event attendance is required, and winners are announced live. Offering registrants something to win or accumulate will provide them with additional motivation to join into your virtual event.

Make it Interactive

These days, we spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen. Make your event more engaging and interactive by offering registrants the opportunity to take part in your virtual event. Enable some much-needed face time among attendees with a happy hour or implement a Q&A or networking aspect in which professionals can exchange ideas and connect. This will help your registrants feel they will be playing an active role in your virtual event rather than simply attending it.

Send Out Notifications

Sometimes, people just need a simple reminder to get the job done. Sending out a notification message in the days leading up to your event, reminding your registrants of the upcoming things you have in store, can be enough to garner their attention and re-engage your audience. This can be done in several ways, for example via email or through your uniquely branded mobile event app, which would deliver the notification message straight to your registrants’ smartphone.

Analyze for Future Success

Event data is your friend and there is much to be learned from it. Post virtual event, take some time to closely analyze the event data compiled throughout your event lifecycle in order to gain insight into which topics rendered the most interest, which sessions were most frequented, and more, to obtain an overall better understanding of your audience. Use this knowledge to replicate or implement when planning, promoting, and hosting your next virtual event.

In conclusion, there are many different ways to successfully convert registrants into attendees. We hope the tips above help you convert more of your virtual event registrants, increase your virtual event attendance, and continue to inspire you in showing off the many features your online event has to offer.

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This Post was Written by Pam Prado

Pam Prado is a recent Fairfield University graduate with a major in Communications and a minor in Marketing. She has been interning with Aventri since May 2019 as the Sales Enablement Intern.

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