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3 Top Technologies Meeting & Event Planners Can’t Live Without in 2020

Kaitlyn Tatulli |

Event planners sitting around a table using technology including; laptops, tablets, and smartphones The world of a meeting and event planner is chaotic and stressful. So stressful, that the job of an event planner has been consistently ranked as one of the most stressful jobs in the world along with military, police, and firefighter professionals. 

Luckily, event management software technology can help decrease planners’ stress levels. But what software do planners really need? What event management technology can planners not live without?

We spoke with Mike Burns, Aventri’s Chief Revenue Officer, Shane Edmonds, Aventri’s chief technology officer, and Ivan Lazarev, Aventri’s Group Head of Experiential Solution, to find out what meeting and event technologies planners cannot live without. Check out the top three.

Meeting and Event Top Technologies for Planners

1. A Fully Integrated Event Management Software Platform

Businessman sitting on a ledge using a fully integrated event management platform

Not only is a fully integrated event management software platform a meeting and event tech trend for 2019 and beyond, but this technology also has also become something planners cannot live without.

As Mike Burns says, “A fully integrated, nativized event management software platform is a must.” However, Mike notes that planners need more than “a bunch of modules or capabilities that are daisy-chained together through API’s with a truly nativized system, that runs on one platform, that you can take an agile approach in your workflow to using.”

Planners need, Mike continues, “a nativized platform that is fully integrated with the other tools that organizations are using.” Planner’s event management software platform should, Mike says, be “able to pull in your CRM and marketing automation data in the planning and marketing phases of your event and push your onsite intelligence data from your event management system back into your CRM.”

Not only is having this integration “critically important”, Mike says, meeting and event professionals are also “increasingly being asked to step outside the silo” so, “they need the right technology to do that.”


2. Consolidated Data Platforms

Businessman sitting at his desk using a consolidated data platform

In addition to a fully integrated, nativized event management software platform, another must-have technology for planners in 2019 and beyond is a consolidated data platform.

“Consolidated data platforms are crucial,” Shane says.

Not only has big data been a trend in the meeting and event industry and is predicted to dominate the industry in 2020, consolidated data platforms Shane argues, “will enable the proliferation of Machine Learning and AI within organizations.” This, Shane continue, will “democratize their data for all stakeholders to take advantage of.”


3. Interactive Reporting Tools

Businessman sitting in front of a two monitors and laptop using a reporting tool

The last technology that Aventri experts say meeting and event planners can’t live without is an interactive reporting tool.

Ivan argues that “Planners need solid and reliable data analytics tools.” Ivan continues that this tool must have three key features: “powerful reporting, very modern visualization tools, and ideally with an interactive data management tool.”

Having a data analytics tool with these three features, Ivan says, will help planners “gain a better understanding of their data.”


What do you think of these top meeting and event technologies planners can’t live without? What’s your favorite? Let us know by commenting below?

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This Post was Written by Kaitlyn Tatulli

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