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Event Tech Strategy, Insights and Trends

April 23, 2019

Tech Tuesday: The Benefits of Real-Time Event Tracking Technology

“How many attendees engaged with Booth X?” “What was the overall attendee sentiment?” “The... READ MORE

April 22, 2019

Event Badge Technology: 3 Ways to Create a Sustainable Event

In honor of Earth Day, we’re thinking about how planners can go green at their events. With all... READ MORE

April 17, 2019

IMEX Frankfurt Preview: Celebrating Collaboration and Transformation in Meetings & Events

A new year brings another exciting year with IMEX, the worldwide exhibition for incentive... READ MORE

April 16, 2019

Tech Tuesday: Access Control Technology for Events

Simple attendee badges are no longer making the cut in the event industry. With an overwhelming... READ MORE

April 11, 2019

5 Ways Wearables Bring Value to Meetings & Events

Like many industries, the events industry is constantly evolving and growing more efficient with... READ MORE

April 10, 2019

5 Ways to Encourage Attendees to Download Your Mobile Event App

According to Event MB’s Event Bible 2018, 91.2% of event marketers agree that mobile event apps... READ MORE

April 9, 2019

Tech Tuesday: Why the Handheld Scanner Will Never Die

With beacon and UHF technologies on the rise, many have started to wonder if handheld scanners... READ MORE

April 8, 2019

Event Tech Better - #8: Mobile App Dashboard

At Aventri, it’s important to us that everyone, from our customers and beyond, learns not only... READ MORE

April 2, 2019

Tech Tuesday: 4 Ways Mobile Event Apps Are Invaluable for Planners

Mobile events apps have become a must for meeting and event professionals to incorporate into... READ MORE

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