Using Event Software to Bring Customer Service to the Next Level

Julian Ward |

636202058.jpgIf there’s anything that all events have in common, it’s that at their core they are all about providing excellent customer services across all attendee experiences. From online registration, to accessing onsite technology, to answering post-event questions or concerns, attendees want a positive and helpful experience throughout the event life cycle. 


Personally, when it comes to myself and my team, customer service means being able to support a great experience and product for our end users, whom intern create a great registration experience and enable an easy and attendee friendly experience onsite. 

Along with having the best software support team to back you up, today’s event technology allows event planners to go above and beyond typical customer service expectations to support attendees and create a lasting impression.

Registration & check-in

Using onsite registration technology makes it easier for planners to spend quality face-to-face time with their attendees. If the registration and onsite check-in experience is simple and efficient, but still has that human touch, there is a lot less stress and there's more time to make a connection. For example, printing attendee badges on-demand instead of frantically flipping through pre-printed badges on a table behind them, allows more time for staff to converse with an attendee and to answer any pressing questions. Attendees therefore feel welcomed and respected during this first point of contact, instead of rushed through the line.

Event websites
Planners should anticipate attendee questions and getting the answers should be an easy process for them. Having an organized and informative website is a critical aspect to that. It’s where you can list session and speaker details, agendas, contact information, as well as post electronic documents or slides that attendees can access post-event. If attendees can get find that basic information easily online, you not only are providing a service to them, but it frees you up to deal with more important attendee matters.

Mobile apps
We’ve seen a lot more planners use mobile apps to quickly reach an entire event community by alerting them to any changes to an event agenda (such as time or location) via push notifications, as well as reach more attendees one-on-one though private direct messaging. Event-specific apps with these features make for a great customer service tool, as planners are able to connect with attendees on a variety of levels, along with putting all important event information in one, easily accessible place. 

Surveys & feedback
Giving attendees the opportunity to have their opinions heard is a great way to make them feel appreciated. Use a survey tool to get feedback every step of the way; pre-, during and post-event. Make it even easier by adding live polling and session surveys to your mobile app. A robust survey tool with reporting and data capabilities can help planners understand these valuable insights better to improve future events.

Often planners seek out event management software to make their jobs easier, but don’t forget about the tools and features that benefit your attendees in terms of providing outstanding customer service. Remember that while the technology changes, attendees’ expectations haven’t; we all expect to be treated with respect and efficiency. Make sure the technology you use only enhances, not hinders that.

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This Post was Written by Julian Ward

Julian joined Aventri in November 2008 to create and build the global support team for the Aventri platform. In September 2013 he was appointed Chief Client Officer – responsible for the support, implementation, professional services and ongoing...

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