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Monetize My Event

Aventri enables event organizers to introduce additional revenue streams and optimize the ROI of their virtual, hybrid and in-person meetings & events programs. The multitude of ways in which planners can drive revenue and offer more value to all stakeholders enables them to simply run better events.

Discuss Ways to Monetize Events

Introduce additional revenue streams
to your events

Additional sponsorship opportunities

Aventri's enables planners to introduce new sponsorship opportunities throughout the event lifecycle. From registration and email marketing to event app advertising and more.

Offer additional services to exhibitors

Aventri helps exhibition organizers to create new revenue streams by offering technology such as integrated lead retrieval to exhibitors.

Get the insights you need to prove ROI

Aventri arms you with the insights you need to prove ROI to ponsors, exhibitors or other stakeholders and maintain a healthy relationship.

A multitude of ways to monetize your event

email marketing campaign

Get sponsors in front of their target audience

Throughout the event lifecycle Aventri enables planners to introduce new ways for sponsors to get in front of their target audience. 

  • Sell advertising to your sponsors and partners and help them be top of mind throughout the registration process.
  • Reserve a featured spot for your partners throughout your email marketing campaign before, during and after the show.
  • Aventri's technology enables you to add advertising opportunities throughout your events website.
mobile event app features

Generate revenue from your mobile event app

The app is an attendee's personal guide to an event, available at their fingertips. There's really no better way for your partners to get their brand in front of their target audience.

  • Leverage one of the available advertising options in the mobile event app such as banner advertising or sponsored splash screens.
  • Live polling and Q&A are highly engaging and heavily used features. Offering your partners a spot on the poll results screen puts them front and center.
  • Drive traffic to virtual exhibit hall booths via your event app. Send sponsored push notifications to segmented groups of attendees.
lead retrieval event technology

Sell additional services to exhibitors

Aventri enables tradeshow organizers to sell additional services and technology to exhibitors.

  • Partner with Aventri and offer integrated lead retrieval solutions to your exhibitors. Aventri's lead retrieval will help your exhibitors to capture more qualified leads.
  • By leveraging Aventri's full-service badging solution you can also offer branded opportunities on the badge.
  • Use Aventri's access control to secure VIP areas at your event.

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