Gain visibility and meet your internal event objectives

With Aventri, transform your internal meeting and event process to provide better visibility across the organization and allow you to meet your unique objectives for each event. From internal trainings to sales kick-offs, use Aventri to help drive savings on all your internal meetings and events.

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Improve your event with smart, integrated
event technology and services

Gain Visibility

Get instant visibility across your organization at every stage of the event and meeting process. Through team collaboration features, drive more informed decisions based on past events. 

Streamline Processes

Create a more efficient workflow by automating many of the typically manual tasks team's traditionally deal with and standardize your meeting approval process.

Drive Compliance

Manage risk, reduce costs, and drive efficiency to bring order back into your internal planning process. Improve compliance by aligning with your internal regulatory policies. 

The technology and services you need, run end-to-end by Aventri

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Visibility Across the Organization

  • Centralize meeting requests across the organization & automate the approval process.
  • Give all stakeholders visibility into what meetings are happening globally with your enterprise calendar.
  • Track all meeting activity and help drive savings with the ability to view venues booked by other team members.
meeting budget

Gain Tighter Control Over Your Budget

  • Consolidate budgets across your global internal meetings and events.
  • Compare your actual vs. forecasted spend to ensure you stay on track with the company spending.
  • Control spend with real-time insights into your meetings budget and easily predict future event costs to help make smarter decisions.
  • Ensure data integrity with all your internal meeting and event costs in one source of truth.
aventri meeting request backend

Manage and Reduce Risk

  • Tailor the approval workflow to support travel and meetings policies to effectively manage risk, reduce costs, and drive efficiencies.
  • Manage meeting request forms to ensure meetings align to company goals and provide cost savings.
  • Improve internal compliance and regulatory policies by using Aventri to manage meeting approvals.
aventri's venue sourcing solutions

Utilize Strategic Venue Sourcing

  • Capture all negotiation details and optimize buying power with visibility into meeting and event spend across the organization.
  • Standardize your concessions to drive meeting value.
  • Lock contract clauses into every RFP to avoid staggering attrition and cancellation fees.
  • Easily compare bids from venues to select the right one for your meeting or event
  • Leverage preferred partners and have visibility into cancelation credits with one system.
event management template

Stress-free Meetings Management

  • Sync your approved meeting or event details to your registration and website pages.
  • Include your hotel and travel information with your registration to make it easy for attendees to book their accommodations.
  • Provide a fully branded experience from your website pages to your email communication.
  • Add the ability to host virtual meetings or training sessions directly in the Aventri platform.

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