Experiential Marketing Technology

Experiential marketing technology is a must-have for today's event planners and event marketers. With Aventri's suite of tools, event organizers have the power to create a personalized and tangible experience for their attendees and are given the ability to quantify experiential marketing ROI. Schedule My Demo

Enhance Event Engagement with Session Tracking

Event organizers often struggle to understand the performance and value of their live sessions. While there are many tools on the market, the majority are overly complex, too expensive, or so inefficient that they aren’t worth the investment (or headache!). With the right session tracking solution, you can at last understand how many attendees are going to each session and for how long. Get the Session Tracking Guide

See Aventri's experiential marketing technology in action.

use a mobile event app to boost attendee engagement

Mobile Event App

Whether a B2B or B2C event, experiential marketing is a tangible experience for the attendee. Start with putting the power of your brand experience right into their hands. Create a branded event app with personalized agendas to provide a targeted attendee experience. Before, during, and after the event, have full access to the event's social media feed and stay connected to the action. See the Mobile Event App
aventri smart tags enhance experiential marketing

Smart Tags

A must have for today's experiential marketer, Aventri's Smart Tags enable your attendees to create valuable relationships with each other, sponsors and exhibitors; no phone or business card required. As the event organizer, you can assess the ROI of your experiential marketing campaign by seeing how and where attendees are engaging at your event in real-time. For the attendees, they can instantly share each other's contact information, sync to the event's app and keep their connections going long after the event has concluded. See Aventri's Smart Tags
event goals and analytics for event organizers

Event Goals & Analytics

Know who the most influential attendees, exhibitors, and speakers are and know what your attendees value most to create an unforgettable and repeatable experience year over year. Customizable reporting and analytics help to measure the ROI that experiential marketing has on your business KPIs.

See Event Goals & Analytics
easy to use online event registration

Event Registration

Registering is typically one of your attendee's first experiences with your event. Deliver your event attendees a simple, yet personalized online registration experience and increase repeat event attendance. Aventri allows you to create a tailored and branded attendee registration workflow to collect mission-critical data that matters to your team. 

See Event Registration
event email marketing to deliver information to the right audiences

Email Marketing

Create the event experience expectation before your attendees register and arrive for the event. Aventri's email marketing is the most flexible and customizable way to target and connect with the right attendees at the right time, with the right content.

See Email Marketing
event surveys and polls to capture event data

Surveys & Polling

Understand how and what your audience thinks pre, during, and post event with live polling for real-time feedback on speakers, sessions, or activation. Make sure the voice of your attendees is heard. See Event Surveys & Polling

How Aventri takes experiential marketing technology to the next level

For Event Organizers:

  • Understand the ROI of experiential with real-time analytics and goal setting against your business KPIs
  • With Aventri's Smart Tags, see how and where attendees are engaging with your brand experience, each other sponsors, and exhibitors in real- time
  • Segment your attendees to schedule targeted email blasts and turn your ideal prospects into motivated event attendees
  • Quickly clone and scale online event registration sites in no time, creating a repeatable experience year-over-year



For Attendees:

  • Create a branded app with personalized agendas to provide a targeted attendee experience
  • Enable your attendees, sponsors and exhibitors to create valuable relationships with the press of a button
  • Create a tailored attendee registration workflow to collect data to enhance the attendee experience
  • Let attendees share their opinions and views with live polling and surveys

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