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Future of Event Marketing 2nd Edition 

Quite a lot has happened since the first edition of The Future of Event Marketing.

The second edition of The Future of Event Marketing will help you navigate through the overarching trends in our industry today.

We are introducing a new wealth of quantitative and qualitative research as well as an update on our tools section, looking back at what is still relevant in 2019 and what will be relevant going forward.

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Meet the authors

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Julius Solaris

Julius Solaris is the founder and editor of EventMB.com. Event Manager Blog is the number one blog worldwide for event professionals. He is the founder of the Event Innovation Lab an immersive training program for Fortune 500 companies and high growth event teams.

He has been named one of 25 most influential individuals in the Meeting Industry for the past 5 years.


Miguel Neves

Miguel Neves is a passionate social media advocate and experienced events professional who consults, trains and speaks on digital marketing and event technology.

Miguel has focused on online engagement for the events industry since 2009, and from 2011 to 2017 he managed the IMEX Group’s social media strategy and implementation. In 2017 he created his own micro-agency dedicated to helping other organisations be social on social media.