Plug-n-Print Check-in and Badging for Events


Check-in and badge printing have never been easier. Aventri BadgeNow works seamlessly with any Aventri Check-In method (Admin, Self-Scan and Kiosk mode) and has everything you need to get your attendees quickly checked-in and credentialed.

BadgeNow is shipped directly to your event all in one, easy-to-assemble box. All you do is plug it into power and start checking-in your attendees.

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Integrates Seamlessly

Don’t worry about lost data or 3rd party integrations. BadgeNow integrates seamlessly, and perfectly, with the Aventri registration system, ensuring that everything runs smoothly come show time.

An All-in-One Box

We’re not kidding when we say that everything you need for check-in and badge printing is in the BadgeNow box, including pre-configured devices, all necessary cables, detailed setup instructions and more. It’s that easy!

Durable, Recyclable Badges

All BadgeNow badge stock is made from the highest quality, tear-proof paper, ready to be recycled after the show.


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Your event must have a lead time of at least 4 weeks from order date to allow for pre-configuration, setup and shipping to your venue. Contact your account manager to learn more. Contact your Account Manager