A Special report for travel leaders

Drive More Savings and Compliance on Every Meeting

Would you like to save more money on meetings, improve compliance, and give team productivity a boost? You can with the latest advances in strategic meetings management technology.
A new generation of meetings management solutions is changing the game for the better. These solutions address travel leaders’ top 3 challenges to effective meetings management: 
  • No access to data
  • Lack of compliance with travel policies
  • Underleveraged spend
This eBook explores these obstacles in more detail. Then it explains how to use technology to overcome challenges. You’ll find strategies and tips to drive more savings, skyrocket efficiency, and reduce your company’s
exposure to financial and contractual risk.

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Do you need better visibility into meeting activity?

In many companies event planning is decentralized, which in turn leaves some meetings falling through the cracks giving you no visibility. Learn how strategic sourcing solutions help with that main challenge and others in this eBook.