4 Steps to Enhancing & Growing Higher Ed Events

Just like any industry today, higher ed event professionals have a multitude of events that they plan, each with a different goal in mind. From orientations and graduations and to alumni fundraisers and on-campus events for students, while each type of event has a different strategy and priority, they all follow a similar event flow.

Together with Social Tables, we developed four steps to success for any event planner working in higher ed, with technology at the core. Join us to hear case studies from real university clients and see how they had success in growing their events.

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You'll Learn how to

Incorporate your school branding into your event communication to create a unified experience

Increase networking opportunities through mobile app technology and seating arrangements

Use technology to help you track and measure the success of your events

Meet the Team

About the Presenters

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John Kearney

Director of Go To Market Strategy, Aventri


Trevor Lynn

Chief Marketing Officer, Social Tables