growing procurement's role in travel and meetings management

Building a Focus on ROI and Value

In a recent WBR Digital survey, 32% of procurement professionals said that they are unequipped to track the ROI around travel and meetings. With most business leaders unsure on the value of procurement’s involvement in the travel and meetings sector, not knowing how to properly track ROI is working against them. In order to gain the metrics that they need to convince stakeholders and gauge the effectiveness of their policies, event management platforms are available with tools for strategic meetings management and other technologies to help quantify the impact and ROI. Download this whitepaper to understand the relationship growing between procurement teams and travel and meetings, and learn how to show the value through ROI.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • How procurement is growing to include travel and meetings
  • Challenges around creating value for travel and meetings as it relates to procurement teams
  • Why having a meeting or travel management tool is essential to track ROI

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