10 Event Trends for 2018

We agree, there is way too much information about trends out there. Yet, every year 10,000 event professionals from around the world download one report to keep up with changes in the event industry. This year was no different with 10 Event Trends reaching over 5,000 downloads in its first month.  If you have read the report, this is an unprecedented opportunity to get more insight into the trends that will define 2018. If you haven't read the report yet, tune in to get an overview of the mega trends affecting the industry and an overview of over 70 trends defining event technology, event marketing and social media, venues and destinations, event experience, event decor and styling, and destination management companies. 

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Learn only about what matters next year. No superficial overviews, no content marketing stunts.

Gain insights from the world's most popular outlook for the industry with the work of six experts in the field

Witness the most significant online event of the year and get clear direction on your 2018

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Julius Solaris

Editor, Event Manager Blog