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Aventri Partners with CLEAR to Bolster Health Screenings
at Large Events


NORWALK, Conn., Nov. 4, 2021 –Event management software (EMS) leader Aventri today announced a partnership with CLEAR, the secure identity company, to help attendees return safely to live events.

The partnership will join Aventri’s event registration and mobile app solutions with CLEAR’s Health Pass to help strengthen and enhance health screenings at large-scale events.

CLEAR's Health Pass is a mobile experience on the CLEAR app, which securely connects a person's verified identity to COVID-19-related insights – like test results and proof of vaccination – to reduce public health risk and get people back to what they love. Health Pass has been used by more than 130 organizations across the country to create safer environments, including corporate offices, teams across all professional sports leagues, major venues, and travel destinations like Hawaii.

“We’re proud to partner with CLEAR, the emerging leader in biometric screening for the Coronavirus,” said Kurt Chessman, Aventri’s Vice President, Corporate Development & Strategy. “Aventri is committed to helping organizers run events with confidence. Health Pass combines proven identity technology with health insights to deliver a powerful solution that helps people return to live events more safely and quickly than would otherwise be possible.”

Seamless Access for COVID-19

Era Health Pass lets attendees digitally convey their COVID vaccination and testing status to show they are at low risk of transmitting the virus before congregating inside a venue. The solution’s automated, multi-layer system makes health screenings fast, easy and contactless.

Organizers can customize access requirements – like verified vaccination records, test results, and health surveys – to fit CDC guidelines as well as state, local, and company requirements.

Aventri customers will find CLEAR’s Health Pass cost-efficient and simple to implement. Venues do not need to invest in more equipment or infrastructure. Training requirements are minimal, too. Organizers can quickly demo the solution and show staff what to look for during screenings.

Health Pass is easy for attendees, too. They:

  • Download the app for free and enroll
  • Verify their identity with a selfie
  • Upload or link relevant medical information, such as proof of vaccination and negative COVID-19 tests
  • Once results are accepted, receive a QR code verifying they are safe to enter the venue

Onsite staff use Aventri’s check-in solution to scan the Health Pass QR code and confirm eventgoers are vaccinated and free of COVID-19 symptoms. Each health screening takes seconds. Verified attendees hold their phones up to a scanner and breeze into the venue.

Health Pass uses a color-coded screen to show whether an attendee passes or fails the screening based on event requirements. It does not share other health information.

Trusted Solution

This offering is part of the Aventri’s suite of onsite COVID-safety solutions. Other contactless tools on the EMS platform include digital badges to enable safe, speedy check-in and access to sessions; onsite payments; contact info exchange; lead capture at exhibitor booths; and access control for physical distancing throughout an event.

Event professionals can access Health Pass directly through the Aventri platform starting today.

To learn more about new capabilities available through the Aventri/CLEAR partnership, contact

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