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MeetingPlay + Aventri Unveil ExpoPro: Their First Product to Pioneer the Event Software Landscape as a Merged Company


WASHINGTON, D.C. and NORWALK, Conn., April 21, 2022 –Just after 4 months of merging as an international event tech powerhouse, MeetingPlay + Aventri announced the release of ExpoPRO, their first new major product launch. Serving as the most innovative exhibitor task management platform to hit the market, ExpoPRO offers a complete solution for onsite, hybrid, and virtual formats and aims to solve major pain points for event planners and exhibitors in the large-scale exhibition market.

ExpoPRO boosts productivity for show organizers and gives exhibitors a better experience with centralized and automated communication and task management. As a result, show planners have more time to focus on reaching their event goals while exhibitors and sponsors have a single location to keep track of tasks and stay organized for their upcoming exhibit. ExpoPRO is fully integrated within MeetingPlay + Aventri’s event management platform, enabling a seamless planning experience for all.

“I’m thrilled to announce the launch of our first combined product as MeetingPlay + Aventri, ExpoPRO is a solution to a long-awaited need to make exhibit planning collaborative and productive. It also marks an exciting milestone for our company,” said Eric Lochner, Chief Executive Officer of MeetingPlay + Aventri. “This product is a testament to the creativity of our team and the commitment to serve our customers with innovative software and services that solve their biggest challenges. I’m confident that ExpoPRO will become a must-have tool for event organizers, exhibitors, and sponsors.”

Show planners and their exhibitors will benefit from ExpoPRO by:

  • Increasing productivity by automating communication, tasks, content collection, and approvals in one platform
  • Avoiding exhibitor confusion and bottlenecks by detailing what tasks are due and when so they never miss a due date
  • Tracking exhibitor progress through tasks to ensure on-time completion
  • Streamlining asset collection and organizer approval
  • Delivering detailed progress reports for planners with the click of a button
  • Keeping exhibitor representatives informed of important milestones and instructions through notifications, reminders, and emails

The first of many, ExpoPRO will lead the aggressive product release roadmap that MeetingPlay + Aventri have planned in the event industry for 2022 and beyond.

For more information about ExpoPRO and MeetingPlay + Aventri, visit and follow along on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

About MeetingPlay + Aventri

MeetingPlay + Aventri is an award-winning event management software provider for live, hybrid, and virtual events. Blending visionary technology with best-in-class service to close all gaps in the planning process, they offer event organizers the most complete full-service solution. The company is known for creating transformative experiences that delight event attendees and sponsors. MeetingPlay + Aventri’s fully integrated software and capabilities include live, hybrid, and virtual event delivery, custom mobile event apps, attendee networking, venue sourcing, registration, marketing, logistics, onsite services, engagement, and data analytics. Headquartered in the United States, the company has offices in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia Pacific and has delivered customer events in over 120 countries.

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