BadgeNow & Aventri Check-in

BadgeNow is an all-in-one check-in and badge printing box that ships directly to your event. The box includes preconfigured tablets running Check-in, a seamless check-in app.

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Offer a seamless check-in and badging experience


Stress-free badging, smooth check-in

Don’t spend precious onsite time configuring printers or looking for cables. BadgeNow has everything you need for check-in, all-in-one, pre-configured, pre-tested box that can be set up and ready to go within minutes.


WOW your attendees

WOW attendees with a seamless check-in iPad app experience and high-quality badges. Allow attendees to quickly check themselves in by scanning a QR code or inputting their information, or save them the effort by using admin check-in.


Say goodbye to stressful badging and check-in

No more technical issues and complex setup. BadgeNow comes with detailed setup instructions and Check-in can continue being used even if internet connectivity is temporarily lost.


Be mobile

We know that plans change, and with BadgeNow, your check-in location can too. Easily and quickly make any area into a check-in area without the hassle.

How does it work?



  1. Provide us with your event details, kit, badges and contact information and complete the order.
  2. Make your perfect event badge with desired fields and design using the Badge Editor
  3. Easily configure your check-in app preferences, including security settings, identifying onsite users, badge printing settings, and more
  4. Prior to the event, our customer service department will call to ensure that everything is ready for show open.
  5. BadgeNow is being delivered to the venue. Follow the instructions included to complete set up. Our support team is available to help with any questions and concerns.

Superpower the in-person event experience
Best-in-class badging and check-in


Integrates Seamlessly

Don’t worry about lost data or 3rd party integrations. BadgeNow integrates seamlessly, and perfectly, with the Aventri registration system, ensuring that everything runs smoothly come show time.


All-in-one box

We’re not kidding when we say that everything you need for check-in and badge printing is in the BadgeNow box, including pre-configured devices , all necessary cables, detailed setup instructions and more. It’s that easy!


Durable Badges

All BadgeNow badge stock is made from the highest quality material, ready to be printed with a QR code and/or custom design for your event.

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