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Event Goals & Analytics

The Event Goals & Analytics product helps you know exactly what your attendees value so you can create unforgettable event experiences. Start leveraging the power of your meeting and event data.

Know what your attendees value.

Ready to start knowing how your meetings and events are tracking against your goals and to leverage the power of data?

Schedule your personalized demo now, and let us show you the right event management solution for your needs.

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See Aventri's Event Goals and Analytics in action.

Aventri’s Event Goals and Analytics tool provides event organizers with a comprehensive view of the value their events generate — and the means to directly impact the outcomes. Our flexible tool measures and quantifies your event's ROI in real-time against the goals you set. The visual dashboards provide you with the essential transparency and insight you need to take action and optimize your event’s value.

Create unforgettable event experiences.

Create communities around your event

Create influential evangelist communities.

  • Reveal the most influential attendees
  • Understand attendee connections
  • Analyze attendee movement and patterns
View what sessions were most valuable

Spend your time where it matters most.

  • Identify the most trending sessions and exhibitors
  • Determine the real worth of your floor plan
  • Take action to improve your event value
Data Driven Approach to Events Management

Start taking a data-driven approach.

  • Define powerful event goals
  • Assess event performance in real time
  • Recognize key investment areas

Share each event journey with your attendees.

The event journey provides attendees with:

  • Event journey metrics
  • New connections that they made
  • Sessions that they attended
  • Exhibitors that they visited
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“[Aventri] saves us time when setting up registrations for our numerous events. It streamlines the process for our invitees and allows us to force them to give us the information we need.”

Neecia Shaw Senior Event Producer – Global Events United Nations Foundation

“Equally as important as the software itself is the customer service team which is simply spectacular! Any time we have encountered a challenge, their response has been quick to resolve the problem.”

Kathie Stapleton Executive Director MPI NY Chapter

“[Aventri] is the event planner's dream tool. Continuous improvement mindset and responsive, solutions-oriented tech support takes the worry out of time sensitive event promotion. This tool gave us the ability to handle credit card transactions securely with an interface that was built to tie into business system.”

Deborah Nash Media Specialist Montana State University

“Whether it was consultation, configuration or training, [Aventri] was a responsive, solutions-focused partner that worked as part of the Austrade team and contributed to our event’s success.”

Nils van Boxsel Chief Information Officer Australian Government: Australian trade and Investment Commission

“I love that the interface is easy to use. Our staff is able to quickly find registrants; our attendees are able to easily register and as an admin I can pull reports, cross reference attendees and print badges with ease.”

Debi Himovitz Contracts & Finance Project Manager California Travel & Tourism Commission
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