Aventri Success Story: FOWNDERS

198 attendees and 1,166 connections made

198 attendees and 1,166 total new connections created with Aventri

FOWNDERS, the most trending and progressive learning ecosystem for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, is the leader for in demand business and personal skills. FOWNDERS is a collective defined by a loyal community of members who seek experiential and communal learning to pursue their real passions. Eric Thomas, “The Hip Hop Preacher”, and Gerard Adams, Founder of Elite Daily and FOWNDERS, partnered up to bring an immersive face-toface experience to their community of passionate entrepreneurs. Together they collaborated on their first mastermind event where entrepreneurs were given immediate access to exponentially grow their business and take the right next step on their journey.
Location: United States Founded: 2016 Employees: 10+ Industry: Entrepreneur Education


FOWNDERS Challenge

FOWNDERS Take Ownership is a closed mastermind event for a select group of entrepreneurs from around the world. It’s the perfect environment for mentors, leaders and business owners to form new connections and join a powerful circle of influence. However, establishing new connections that last and identifying active influencers is difficult.

This was the first time FOWNDERS hosted Take Ownership to motivate like-minded entrepreneurs and to provide them with the skills to make a real impact. FOWNDERS did not want their event attendees to have a difficult time exchanging valuable contact information. They wanted to make sure that every attendee was able to establish real relationships without having to worry about adding each other on social media or passing business cards back-and-forth.

FOWNDERS needed an easy and fun way to connect their entrepreneurs at the event, so their community could exchange value and build relationships. With the mantra, “This is not a boring seminar or secret sales event. Just leaders creating leaders,” they teamed up with Aventri to power partnerships, networking and game changing relationships with influencers from around the world.

Through Aventri, FOWNDERS enlisted a technology solution to replace outdated business cards and gain insights on their real event influencers.


In 2017, all 198 mastermind entrepreneurs were given Aventri Smart Tags upon registration at the Red Bull Arena to wear for the two day event. Before the mastermind event began, the Aventri Onsite Team placed 15 Aventri Hubs throughout the iconic sports venue. These sensors captured social interaction data from the Aventri Smart Tags as attendees walked within 30 feet of them. As attendees exchanged contact information, their new valuable connections were smoothly added to their personalized journey report.

The Connection Social Graph in Aventri Analytics provided information on the most active attendees and provided information about how their influencers were connecting with their emerging community.


Aventri helped FOWNDERS capture social interaction data and facilitate effortless networking without distracting attendees from the event key takeaways. This was a win-win solution for both attendees and event organizers.

Attendees could exchange contact information within 2 seconds without having to worry about running out of business cards, and FOWNDERS had detailed connection analytics to see which attendees had the most and least connections each day of the event.

Aventri delivered eco-friendly digital business cards to help the event team maximize attendee connections and identify event influencers with contextual face-to-face interaction data. In total, Aventri powered over 1,100 new connections between attendees, and provided them with a journey report of all their new contacts and the sessions that they attended.

The FOWNDERS event team can now use Aventri connection data to identify and partner with brand ambassadors to amplify their community, allowing them to build a global trusted brand for passionate entrepreneurs.

Key Statistics

198 attendees

1,166 total connections made between attendees

6 connections per attendee

Products Leveraged

Aventri Smart Tags
Aventri Goals and Analytics
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