Months, to years, of planning take place in order to make sure that events go off without a hitch. Countless meetings are had, dollars are spent, and time is invested in these events. However, even the best planning and most trained personnel cannot replace the invaluable insight of abundant and accurate data.

Event Intelligence is our term for insights gained through data analysis. With each of our solutions, our goal is to deliver actionable event intelligence (data) that will give you greater insight into your event and help you evaluate success and recognize areas of improvement throughout your entire event life cycle. 

Event Intelligence is the cornerstone of every event as it gives organizers a deeper understanding of attendee thoughts, behaviors and intent. It is what will support and enrich your current event and future events to come. 

Through real-time engagement analytics, post-event reporting and integrations with CRM and MASs, event planners are now able to improve event ROI, conversions and enrich buyer data across the entire online and offline journey.

Event Intelligence at Every Point of Your Event

Plan: From precise budgeting tools to meticulous project management, event intelligence starts from the moment you begin planning by giving event organizers greater insight into the details of their event.

Event Intelligence at Every Point of Your Event

Promote: Promotional tools provided by event intelligence give event organizers the ability to track progress and engagement throughout the promotional period, allowing them to assess how and when attendees are interacting with the event.

Engage: With in-depth lead retrieval analytics, real-time check-in updates, attendee behavior tracking and so much more, onsite technology gives event organizers and exhibitors an unprecedented look into the activity and intent of attendees at the event.

Analyze: Extensive reporting and analytics tools, integrations, strategy consulting and more allow Aventri users to make sense of all of the event intelligence gathered throughout the event and use that insight to prove event success and recognize possible areas of improvements.

In-Person Data Insights that Benefit Everyone

Solutions powered by NFC, UHF, and BLE technologies, in combination with an industry-leading mobile app, provide event organizers with the ability to leverage the face-to-face interactions that occur at the event and gain invaluable data on attendee behavior, intent and interactions.

In-person data insights

CMO / Sales / Marketing

Driving pipeline and event ROI: Track your attendee’s journeys at your event, including sessions attended, exhibitions visited, and connections made with the insights to drive lead scoring and pipeline contributions.

Event Organizers

Optimize the impact of your content: Understand session attendance, a speaker’s staying power and ratings to ratings to consistently evolve your agenda over time.


Improve attendee engagement: Deliver a personalized attendee journey report at the end of the event with connections made, sessions attended, and new opportunities created to prove event value.

Sponsors and Exhibitors

Deliver exhibitors real event value: Enable exhibitors and sponsors to easily capture leads, share digital content and improve lead qualification.

Engaging Technologies to Implement at Your Next Event

Event planners are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to engage with their attendees and ultimately improve the attendee experience. Below are three products to use at your next event that will attract and excite attendees:

Lead Retrieval

Effectively capture, qualify and follow-up with sales leads using smart badge technology. Planners can capture leads in seconds using NFC or QR code technologies and leverage that power for targeted, robust data. Qualifying features such as notes, and surveys measure the “why” as well as the “when” and “where”. Also, the required face-to-face interaction ensures accurate data for you and your team to analyze for a better attendee experience.

example of lead information collected during an event

Effectively capture, qualify, and follow-up with sales leads

  • Capture leads in seconds using NFC or QR code technologies  
  • Qualify leads with custom surveys, notes or on-demand content fulfillment
  • View leads in secure cloud portal Lead retrieval badge technology
  • Filter leads by company, job title, country or survey responses

Types of digital badge technology

  • NFC chips with antennas 
  • UHF chips with antennas
  • QR codes
  • BLE Beacons

Mobile Apps

It’s no secret that millions of people’s lives run through their smartphones, so having a mobile app for your event is a no brainer. Mobile Apps enable an event planner to keep their attendees informed at all times. Packed with an extensive set of networking features attendees can connect with peers and help planners can get detailed insights on event engagement, event performance or event ROI.

A one-stop-shop for event information & networking

  • Keep attendees well informed with general and personal event agendas
  • Gather in-depth attendee feedback with live polling and session ratings
  • Allow attendees to network through the app  

Polling Technology

Adding real-time response technology, like live polling can help you connect better with your attendees by understanding what they think and how they feel about your events.

Live Polling provides vital audience feedback that can be used to better predict attendee expectations and preferences and ultimately create a powerful attendee community.


Important KPI's for Measuring Event Success

Companies spend thousands of dollars to connect their employees, partners, and customers. In fact, events make up the largest portion of corporate marketing budgets at 21% and even more surprising marketers report in-person events are their most effective channel.  However, when it comes to measuring the success of their events, they end up lost. 

With the advent of event intelligence event planners can collect and analyze data using smart badges to measure the overall success of an event. Planners can also create heat maps of foot traffic at the show and collect other valuable marketing information.

event and attendee analytics

Event Analytics

Assess the success of your event before, during and after it happens

  • Define whether or not event goals were met and assess for the future 
  • Dashboards & reports help contextualize your event data
  • Identify trending sessions & popular exhibitors 

Keep your attendees informed at all times 

  • Set up an easy-to-view event timeline
  • Activate personalized agendas
  • Send targeted push notifications

Create new attendee networking opportunities

  • Connect like-minded attendees
  • Offer nearby attendee discovery
  • Use live polling and session rating

Increase attendee activity during and after the event

  • Direct message contacts and groups
  • Send behavior driven announcements
  • Allow attendees to share content

Key Metrics to Collect & Analyze

Visits: The number of total and unique visits to your session, booth or party.

Visit Duration: The average time spent at your session, booth or party.

Connections: The total number of people that exchanged contact information at networking events.

Engagement: The total number of marketing materials that were collected by attendees from speakers, sponsors and event organizers.

Live Heat Maps: An instant measure of the number of people on the event floor and where they are congregating.

Bounce Rate: Total unique visits by an attendee that visited a booth or other location only once.

Via Score: A single metric that combines all the metrics to evaluate the overall performance of an event.

Event Intelligence Goals & Analytics Tool

Recommended Resource: Are you struggling to create and run an event that attendees want to take part in? Our free eBook Your Event Essentials is the digital guide that will take you on a four step journey to enhancing your event success by giving you the most essential tips and tools to keep your attendees happy and increase ROI.

Badging & Digital Identity

With an overwhelming number of opportunities to optimize the event experience, event planners are trading in the traditional paper name tags. Instead they are opting for high-tech, data-collecting tech that will provide them will valuable data that can make or break the success of an event.

Leverage the power of NFC technology for targeted, robust data

  • NFC allows large quantities of information to be exchanged face-to-face in seconds
  • Qualifying features such as notes and surveys measure the “why” as well as the “when” and “where”
  • The required face-to-face interaction ensures accurate data


Active Tracking with NFC Technology

NFC Badges

Near field communication (NFC) badges are wearables that give event planners the opportunity to gather data and increase attendee engagement like never before. NFC badges can be used to allow attendees to gain access to specific spaces at an event with a simple tap on the badge. 

nfc badge being scanned  to collect attendee data

NFC Wristbands

NFC wristbands have all of the same capabilities as NFC badges, just in a different format. Using NFC access control attendees can gain access to certain areas at the event by simply tapping their wristbands onto a designated NFC hotspot. These wristbands are perfect for large festivals or events where an attendee wouldn’t want something hanging around their neck.

Businesswoman using a NFC wristband to gain access to a session during an event

Recommended Resource: When it comes to events, an attendee’s first impression is often made with the technology they interact with; how and where it’s used, how seamless it is and how it drives convenience as well as engagement. Our free eBook Optimizing the Attendee Journey was developed to help event planners around the world make better, more strategic decisions when it comes to onsite technology.


Event organizers often struggle to understand the performance and value of their sessions. We created this guide because we’ve noticed something that didn’t sit well with us. A lot of our clients were running amazing events, but not always getting the recognition from management or the budget they needed to make them even more successful. Most people in the events industry know how powerful in-person connections are to brand value and driving pipeline but we wanted to provide a new way of making it data-driven to prove this ROI and really understand what is going on underneath an event – what the attendees are actually doing and give insights based on data for how to improve the event over time.

By measuring key factors, you can reveal exactly what makes a session valuable, eliminating the guesswork and introducing you to actionable certainty. With the right session tracking solution, you can at last understand attendee interests and preferences.

Event intelligence is a fancy term for all these critical components of event insight. In short, it is complete visibility into session performance. 

Aventri PlatformThe Aventri platform is built on the foundation of Event Intelligence, a combination of cutting-edge event technology and services that capture in-person data to generate insights into attendee behavior and event performance.

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Onsite event technology eBook Guide