Hybrid & Virtual Events

What is the difference between virtual and hybrid events?

At Aventri, we strongly believe that, although virtual events are insanely popular right now, the events industry will ultimately move towards hybrid events. A hybrid event is essentially an in-person event that also includes virtual components. Hybrid events combine the power of face-to-face meetings with the massive audience reach that comes with a virtual component. For these reasons, we believe it will be the future of meetings and events.

What are the main advantages of using Aventri’s Virtual Event Solution?

  • One single platform to power hybrid, virtual and in-person events. Easily pivot from in-person to virtual or hybrid.
  • Since the virtual technology is embedded into the Aventri platform, your team can use the same login, rely on the same support and training team and doesn’t need to be fully retrained on a completely new product. From planning to execution, everything can take place in one primary solution.
  • Get real-time insights into event performance (including session attendance, virtual attendee participation, dwell time …)
  • Provide virtual attendees and speakers with an online lobby (that also offers a lot of sponsorship opportunities).
  • This product complies with the same strict privacy and security Aventri customers expect.

Can we get a sneak preview of Aventri's virtual event platform?


If you want to get a complete overview head over to the Virtual Event Platform page.

Beta Release

What is the limited beta release? When is it being released and how can someone participate in the beta?

The virtual event beta release is the first major release of Aventri’s new virtual and hybrid event platform. 

Why do we have different release phases, why not release it all at once?

Aventri is sensitive to the needs of our clients, and the dramatic shift to virtual events necessitated by the global pandemic. Instead of just offering a hot fix by quickly releasing a product that would only cater to our customers’ short-term needs, we have opted to build a product that is future proof.

Aventri’s virtual event solution enables event planners to shift between in-person, hybrid and virtual events with ease.

Competitors & Partnerships

What is the difference between using an online meeting tool such as Zoom or ON24 versus Aventri’s virtual event solution?

The aforementioned tools only enable planners to live stream individual sessions. Before the event they will still need to use a separate registration tool, separate email marketing tool, separate website tool… After the event, event planners will need to export all their data and import it into their system losing valuable time and diminishing efficiency.

Aventri’s fully integrated end-to-end virtual event solutions enables event organizers to plan, promote, deliver and analyze all types of events.

How does this product release affect Aventri’s partnership with Evia, Intrado and Digitell?

Aventri’s virtual event product is intended to serve small to medium-sized virtual events as well as the virtual components to in-person events (also known as hybrid events).

For larger, more immersive virtual event experiences we will still work in partnership with aforementioned partners to ensure that clients’ needs are met.

I have already paid for another streaming technology; can I use that instead of Aventri’s live streaming functionalities?

Yes, upon enabling “virtual” on an individual session you will be presented with the option to either use Aventri’s virtual technology or plug in a 3rd party solution meeting link.

Training & Support

Do event planners need to get completely re-trained to use the Aventri virtual events product?

No, our virtual and hybrid event capabilities have been built into the platform Aventri customers already know. People signing up for this product will have access to additional training and support resources to get acquainted with the new virtual events capabilities that have been embedded into the Aventri platform.

Same platform, same login, same support and training team!

What professional services will Aventri be offering to support building and executing of events?

Aventri Professional Services will be providing a number of offerings for virtual and hybrid events including pre-event setup, preparation and training, consultation, and remote support during the event sessions.

What level of support will be available?

The same level and quality of support Aventri customers have come to expect and love

  • Training videos and documentation will be made available in our support portal.
  • Support training and resources will be available for customers.

Can I export virtual attendance data from Aventri’s platform?

Yes, virtual attendance data can easily be exported.

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