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Virtual Troubleshooting Guide

Audio/Visual Troubleshooting & Equipment Testing

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General Audio/Visual Troubleshooting

  • Please use Chrome as the browser to view the sessions.
  • If links open in a different browser, please copy the link and paste it into Chrome.
  • Are your headphones/headset connected properly?
  • Is your internet connection working correctly?  To be sure, please test another web site as well.
  • It's recommended to join the conference using a computer, instead of a mobile device.
  • If you are experiencing issues using a work computer, try a personal computer.
  • Can you try to join with a different device?
  • If you cannot hear or see, your browser extensions might be blocking something.  Please try to open the event in a browser which is in Incognito mode.

    This can be done by clicking on the 3 dots on the top right of Chrome and selecting Incognito mode.  You can also press CTRL + SHIFT + N on Windows or Press ⌘ + SHIFT + N on a MAC to open a new Incognito browser. Please note: If you take this approach it will prompt you to allow audio connections again. 

Equipment Testing

To ensure that there are no issues on the day of the event, please click here to check if Web Sockets are supported on your device.  At the very top of the page you will be given a result after the test is complete. If you receive a “WebSockets seem to Work for You!” response, you are all set to go!  If you receive a fail response, please work with your IT team to adjust your device.

Here are the five most common issues when using virtual event solutions:

  • The most common issue is allowing users to accessing the internet through a Proxy Server. Some proxy servers are harmless and work fine with Web Sockets; others will prevent Web Sockets from working correctly, causing the connection to fail. In some cases additional proxy server configuration may be required, and certain proxy servers may need to be upgraded to support Web Sockets.
  • Other issues can include Firewalls which have rules explicitly set-up to reject Web Socket traffic, and AntiVirus modules running on a users’ computer that have been configured to block Web Sockets. Please check your personal or corporate firewall settings in order to allow the use of Web Sockets.
  • If you have an HTML5 Blocker or other browser extension which prevents videos from auto-starting, please disable that for the virtual event website.
  • Are you using a VPN? If so, disconnect and try joining again without VPN connection. 
  • In rare cases, AdBlockers may also interfere. If you’re running any AdBlocker software on your device, please turn off or create an exception for our domain to alleviate issues.

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