Facts and Lies: How Planners Really Use Social Media for Events

Social media has played an increasingly important role in the lives of meeting and event planners. It’s why Aventri and Little Bird Told Media set out to discover the truth about how today’s planners are utilizing the top platforms for their events. Our mission is to use this key data to create an industry standard that meeting and event planners can benchmark against and provide some insight into how they can improve their social media strategies.

In this webinar, get a preview of our full report, which includes the top 10 social media insights of planners’ social media habits. Plus, all registrants will get an advanced copy of the report sent to them post-webinar!





What You'll Learn

What are the top social media platforms used by planners.

How today’s planners are managing and measuring social media success.

How attendees come into play when deciding how and what social media platforms to use.

Meet the Team

About the Presenter

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Alex plaxen

President/Founder, Little Bird Media