Are you working on the COVID-19 crisis? We want to help.

Coronavirus' impact on the world is changing daily. Hospitals are setting up drive up testing, schools are offering meal pick up for children who are now home, primary, secondary and higher ed schools are setting up remote learning, charities are putting in aid requests and people everywhere are trying to find ways to assist those in need in their communities. Aventri wants to offer our registration and website solutions free of charge for those who are looking for easy, quick and safer ways to provide those services and many more to their communities. 
Aventri's registration and website solutions can allow people to:
  • Set up online portals to easily take requests for services
  • Sign up for specific pick up times for meals or shopping 
  • Submit volunteer information
With many towns, cities and countries practicing social distancing, setting up a webpage to ensure specific slots for in-person interactions will help to limit the size of groups that participate in activities at a certain time. Please reach out if you think that your school, hospital, charity or town/city could benefit from using our solutions for free during this time. 

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