11 Promotional Tools for Event Marketing

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Promotional tools for event marketing Are you looking to drive event registration? What about maximizing your event marketing campaigns? With the help of technology, specifically with the help of a growing meeting and event technology industry, hundreds of promotional tools exist for planners to use to optimize their event marketing campaigns. But with so many tools to choose from, how do you which one to choose?

To help you, we’ve researched and curated a list of the top 11 promotional tools planners can use to optimize their event marketing. Check them out.

Top 11 Event Marketing Promotional Tools for Planners


1. HubSpot

One of the best-known marketing tools used to promote events and marketing campaigns, HubSpot offers event marketers and event planners a full-service software. Some of HubSpot’s most popular include marketing automation, landing page creation, search engine optimization (SEO), lead generation, and more. With its marketing, sales, and customer service professional software’s combined, HubSpot makes event marketing promotion easy.

HubSpot marketing dashboardPhoto Credit: HubSpot


2. Google Analytics

Before marketers can promote their events, they need to develop a deep understanding of who their audience and customers are. With Google Analytics, marketers can collect and analyze this information with free tools, to build a strong picture of their audience. If you use Google’s advertising and publisher software, your Google Analytics will be fully integrated into these platforms, allow you to utilize your data to target the right customers.

Google Analytics dashboard

Photo Credit: Marketing Platform Google


3. Tableau

Once you gather analytics on your audience, you can import this information into Tableau or connect Tableau with your cloud apps like Google Analytics and Salesforce to have access to all your data. Tableau allows marketers to easily create interactive graphics, like bar graphs, heatmaps, and more, by simply clicking and dragging. These graphics can then be exported or embedded to showcase trends, answer questions, and so much more.

Tableau dashboard

Photo Credit: Tableau


4. Canva

Part of marketing your event includes creating eye-catching graphics that you can post on social media, include in emails, feature on your event website, and more. Canva allows you to do this without hiring a professional graphic designer or spending hours in Photoshop. With Canva, you can choose from hundreds of templates and over two million graphic elements to create images that properly promote your event.


Photo Credit: Canva 

5. Event Website

In addition to social media graphics, event websites are another useful event marketing tool planners can utilize to promote their events. Before your event, planners can create content, like blog posts, around their, upload promotional videos, tease event announcements, and more. In addition, if you use an integrated event management software, you can utilize past data on your event attendees to create content around their identified wants and needs. Event websites are a great promotional tool, especially for planners who are looking to market their event year-round.

Aventri's event website builder

Photo Credit: Aventri

6. Chatbots

Chatbots, specifically Event Bots, are an event marketer’s best friend. An up and coming promotional tool for event marketers, Event Bots can be integrated into websites, mobile apps, Facebook messenger, text message, and more. These Event Bots can be programmed to answer common questions potential customers and event attendees within seconds. Not only do these chatbots cut your customer budget by 25 percent, but they also can be used to send event reminders and other promotional event content.

Event Bots

Photo Credit: Sciensio


7. Facebook Live

Have you ever thought of using Facebook Live for promoting your event? Facebook Live is an easy to use tool that can be used to do more than livestream your event. Take advantage of your social media audience and hold Facebook Live sessions promoting your event. You can tease your audience with event previews, like announcing your speaker lineup, sessions, activities, and more.

Facebook Live

Photo Credit: Live FB


8. Mobile Event App

Mobile event apps, particularly ones that are part of a fully integrated event management software, are essential for promoting an event’s marketing campaign. Event apps allow planners to market and promote their event through all stages of the event lifecycle, while personalizing the experience for attendees. Some mobile event apps allow marketers to send push notifications, survey or poll users, answer questions, and so much more.

Aventri's mobile event app

Photo Credit: Aventri


9. Sprout Social

One of the most popular social media management tools, Sprout Social is an essential tool for any marketer promoting an event. You can use Sprout Social to schedule event promotional content on any social media platform, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. In addition to allowing you to pre-schedule event promotional content to your social media accounts, Sprout Social also provides valuable social media statistics, like event hashtags and posts performance.

Sprout Social dashboard

Photo Credit: Sprout Social


10. Marketo

A popular marketing automation technology, Marketo helps users promote their events and drive results. Some of Marketo’s most popular features include, lead management, consumer marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, and revenue attribution. With Marketo, marketers can save time by minimizing manual tasks and still effectively promote their events.


Photo Credit: Marketo


11. Asana

Although this tool isn’t directly tied to promoting your event, Asana will help your team stay on track for creating all your event marketing content (e.g. blogs, webinars, emails), so you can successfully promote your event. As a project management tool, Asana allows users to create tasks, set due dates, assign individual team members to a task, create tags to organize the tasks, and track members’ progress. All of these tasks can be viewed on the calendar feature and assigned to teammates, so holes or overlaps in event promotional content can be spotted.

Asana dashboard

Photo Credit: Asana


Do you use any of these promotional tools for event marketing? What’s your favorite? Let us know by commenting below!

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