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3 Integrations to Keep Your Event Process Seamless

Marcella Lavras |

3 Integrations to Keep your Event Process SeamlessWorking within the marketing operations department here at Aventri, I’ve had the opportunity of learning how to manage marketing technologies that our marketing and sales team utilize for their day-to-day activities.

One of the first lessons I learned is to always pay attention to the integrations made available that can save time within the team or my day. I typically prefer integrations that are native, however API or bridged integrations also provide many benefits for our data management, security and overall process.

When it comes specifically to event management software, there are many different integrations available to improve the attendee registration experience or enhance your sales and marketing process with event leads. If you're thinking of adding an integration to your event technology stack, but aren't sure which one may be a good fit, consider asking yourself:

  1. Is there a way we can improve our current process?
  2. Can anything be streamlined, or do we have the opportunity to save time and minimize tasks?

Here are just a few examples of how technology integrations can improve your team’s data management and processes, as well as attendee relationships and experiences.


Marketo is an automation software platform utilized for lead management, email marketing, and much more within the marketing lifecycle. Paired with an event management software, a native integration allows you to manage your event data in a quick way. Most importantly, you can design invitations, create email workflows to build new event opportunities and leverage lead scoring data points collected at the registration to segment and personalize your communications. If your company is using focused strategies such as buyer personas, account scoring, or ABM, it is especially important to include event data with the rest of your marketing organization’s behavior intelligence.

SFDC is a cloud-based customer relationship management software used to manage a company’s relationships, interactions and data with customers and prospective customers. With a and event management software integration, you can record an attendee’s interactions and activities while at your event. This integration is crucial to improve your sales team’s nurturing efforts, understanding opportunities and deals closed generated or influenced by your event, and to overall improve and support your manager’s ability to make decisions as they relate to your event and attendees.

Travel management integrations

Travel management software can be used to oversee, regulate and coordinate the travel activities and expenses of attendees. It can make arrangements such as hotel and airline reservations, manage travel schedules and help ensure attendees are following their company’s travel policy. Combined with an event management software, an integration with a travel management platform allows attendees to book travel themselves with tools such as Concur, GetThere or Passkey. However, if you have a travel department taking care of this process, GDS integrations are also available for you to take advantage. With any integration, travel details are automatically synced with registration data to remove the pain of cross-referencing travel with registration. A travel management integration is ideal for managing travel details, simplifying internal process, complete report and much more.


All in all, within your event technology stack there should be many opportunities to connect your data with the rest of your organization’s technology ecosystem. There is no right or wrong time to look into integration possibilities. However, it is best practice to do your research while you’re first searching for a vendor. After paying close attention to a vendor’s integration offerings, discuss with your marketing operations, IT guru or technology team on what tools you are currently utilizing and ask your vendor if they integrate with your current ecosystem.

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This Post was Written by Marcella Lavras

Marcella is the Marketing Project Specialist at Aventri focusing on campaign planning and execution.

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