3 Ways to Utilize Mobile Apps at Higher Ed Events

Lauren Mumford |

College students sitting on steps together looking at their mobile phonesIt’s not a secret that mobile engagement is crucial for success at meetings and events. It’s also a great away for planners in higher education to connect better with their young smart-phone obsessed students and their busy, professional alumni alike.

If you have yet to use a mobile app to enhance your events on and off campus, you’re definitely missing out! Take a look at just a few examples of the many ways higher ed planners can keep attendees informed, drive engagement and increase overall event success, all by investing in mobile app technology.

Keep students informed during orientation

Put all the key information students need on important days like these right in the palm of their hand. Today’s event mobile apps can include interactive campus and building maps, customizable program schedules, FAQ sections and so much more. Features like push notifications allow planners to alert students of important events, reminders or interesting facts. With a mobile app, students will never feel lost or out of touch, and it will help them feel more welcomed and ready to start their academic journey!

Help alumni reconnect at reunions

With features like attendee lists and private messaging, a mobile event app can help alumni connect with old friends, classmates and teachers at reunions and other alumni events. Prior to the event, encourage attendees to download the app so they can see who is attending and message people to set up times to meet during the event. An app also allows them to continue their connections and conversations post-event.

Facilitate effective networking experiences

Whether it’s a local alumni chapter event or an event where students are meeting alumni in their respective field, one to one matchmaking will help bring the right people together to advance their career or academic goals. Upon registration, ask attendees about their background and goals for the networking event; for students it may be their major or career aspirations and for alumni it may be their industry, company or current job title. When working with event management software, an algorithm pairs up people with similar interest and fields and their top matches can be displayed in their mobile app where they can also set up meetings prior to and during the event.

Bonus: Add smart tags to the mix

Whether you’re new to event mobile apps or have been using them for a while, you can take all of your mobile experiences to the next level by adding in smart tags or badges to the mix. These devices are given to each attendee and they can exchange data with other and or it can be collected by beacons set up in an event space or even across campus. For example, at a networking event for current students and alumni, two people can exchange contact information in a click of a button using these devices (in lieu of paper business cards). The information can be instantly reviewed on a corresponding mobile. And during something like orientation, students can get to know their campus through gamification efforts, i.e. collecting digital badges via your app or other rewards by visiting various buildings or attending important events.

Learn more about how to increase engagement at your higher ed events with mobile apps, smart tags and more in our upcoming webinar with Social Tables on Wednesday, April 25. Register below!

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