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GettyImages-105939160-608x400.jpgCan you get more done working one hour instead of five or 10? You bet you can.

During the past few years, we’ve worked hard to amp up productivity, so planners can work smarter, not longer. Let’s face it, no one is born with an innate gift of efficiency. This skill takes a lot of practice, as well as good technology. By automating jobs you’d normally spend hours doing yourself, technology frees you up to focus on things that matter in a big way, like deepening customer relations and growing your business.

That’s the idea behind etouches venue sourcing for third-party planners. Its secret sauce lies in its ability to combine the most powerful elements of our award-winning sourcing technology with a comprehensive suite of business analytics and management tools. The result is the industry’s only sourcing solution built specifically for third-party planners. The platform helps you instantly and accurately stay up-to-speed on the day-to-day jobs that keep your business running smoothly. Think tracking commissions, reconciling invoices, customizing agreements, forecasting income, etc.

Customer demands are continually rising. Don’t get buried under increasing demands on performance and expanding to-do lists. Now is the time to have a closer look at the robust new business management tools designed for third-party planners. Here are five ways they can help you and your team communicate more effectively and better manage your business.

  1. Easy Reporting – No need to hunt through mounds of data to create customer reports. illuminate3P is the industry’s first solution able to produce detailed savings and spend reports by customer. It captures and segments data not only by customer, but also by event to provide a snapshot of your total spend, negotiated savings, spend by month and more. You can produce attractive, easy-to-read reports for each customer in a couple of clicks.
  1. Commission Forecasting – When you’re super busy, you’re not always able to spend the time you need on planning, and vital jobs like forecasting can get overlooked. illuminate3P ensures that doesn’t happen. The solution tracks commissions automatically. You can easily view payment amounts, estimated timeframes, commissions per meeting and more for better projections.
  1. Cash Flow Management  -Some other great features are the commission split and payment lag tools, which enable you to manage anticipated cash flow.
  1. Enhanced Team Capabilities – If you oversee multiple teams and preferred vendors, etouches sourcing platform helps you manage the madness. A central dashboard enables you to manage all your activity from one place. View meetings that are active, booked or operated. And hone in on team performance in real time to easily track progress and stay up-to-date.
  1. Quick Onboarding – Long onboarding cycles for new employees undermine customer trust. etouches venue sourcing platform doesn’t let this happen. This app-like solution is easy to learn. You can shorten ramp-up time for new hires from months to a week or less. Plus, our customer success team assists in training and provide ongoing support, if needed.

Add to this the productivity boosters built into all our sourcing technology:

  • Instant access to 225,000 meeting hotels worldwide
  • Ad-free, unbiased search engine that makes easy work of finding the right venues fast
  • Hotel response rate of 92% – the highest in the industry
  • Hotel response time of less that a day on average versus the standard 3 – 10 days

Now you’ve got a simple solution that greatly improves business management and customer trust.

Learn more about how to change the way that planners manage the thousands of details surrounding each of their events in this free ebook.

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