A Break-Up Letter to Events Without Event Technology

Colleen Donnelly |

Breakup-post-608x400.jpgDear Summit X, I loved you since the moment I read a blog post about you. All of my favorite speakers. In the Big Apple. At a popular venue. What could possibly go wrong? This seemed like a match in event prof heaven.


I was wrong. I should have known from the beginning that we weren’t going to work out, you and I. I’m done with events like you who don’t use event technology.

The first sign was from your event website. Where was the schedule? At what times were the speakers presenting? Were you holding breakout sessions? Maybe it was your mysterious composure that compelled me to click submit and purchase my three-day ticket.

At least you emailed me to confirm. But I had to print out my ticket? That’s not environmentally friendly or convenient for the smart phone and tablet-obsessed society we live in.

I made excuses and told myself that you were withholding the speaker schedule from me since you were hosting many high-profile speakers from around the world. The anticipation was killing me. I started to lose faith in you but you pulled me back in when you uploaded the schedule just a few days before the event.

For what you lacked in digital engagement leading up to the event, I thought you could make up for in the live experience. But you disappointed me yet again.

I couldn’t get on WiFi. I was shocked there was nowhere to charge my phone. Did you care about your attendees at all? You left me an emotional mess.

It got worse. The entire event was simply back-to-back speakers. No breaks. No way for the audience to engage with the speakers. No way for the audience to engage with each other! How could you do this to me?

The best part about events is that it unites a group of people over a mutual interest. Did you ever consider that? You could have taken the time to use a matchmaking tool so that us attendees could have enhanced the live experience and extended it to the digital space after the event was over.

What about engagement with the speakers? You provided no tool for us to ask the speakers questions. There we were, among some of the brightest minds in the world who had so much to say, yet you did not provide a way for us to interact.

It’s time to let go. Summit X, you helped me realize I’m over events without event technology.

I’m ready for the future event experience.



Event Tech to Increase Engagement

This Post was Written by Colleen Donnelly

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