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A message from Aventri CEO Jim SharpeCoronavirus is on the minds of meeting and event planners around the world, as our industry is facing its most difficult challenge in years. With more and more events canceling, postponing or changing formats every day, our hearts are heavy with the difficult decisions we and our colleagues have had to make.

Despite this time of uncertainty, the entire Aventri team is hopeful about the resilience and creativity of our industry, and we're here for our customers and the planner community at large to help them navigate the future of their meetings and events.

It's why yesterday we announced our partnership with three digital and virtual solution providers to allow all current customers and any event planners globally with the option to move their events to a virtual platform or to add a digital component to any event.

“Meetings and events are a strong, resilient, $565-billion/year industry,” Aventri CEO Jim Sharpe said in our press release. “Our thoughts go out to the families and all affected by this health emergency, but this shall pass. In the meantime, organizers don’t need to cancel meetings and conferences. Our new partnerships help them transition easily to engaging, revenue-producing virtual events.”

In a message to our customers, Jim shared more about these new partnerships and how Aventri is committed to standing together with the meeting and event industry throughout the outbreak.

Instead of Cancelling, Let Aventri Help You Go Virtual: It's hard to deny that coronavirus is having a serious impact on the world and live events. Rather than cancelling your events altogether, save time and enjoy the flexibility of a fully integrated virtual event platform. Contact Us.

Jim Sharpe's Message to Aventri Customers 

Aventri's CEO Jim Sharpe

As a valued part of the Aventri family, I feel it is important to reach out to you personally to share what we have been working on to support you through this incredibly challenging time in our industry. 

Many of you are being faced with the difficult choice of postponing, canceling or moving forward with your upcoming events. In some cases, travel or mass gathering bans have made these decisions for you. In other cases, balancing health and safety with your responsibility to provide expected information and services to your attendees and constituents can seem like a no-win situation. A threat of this magnitude has not impacted the meetings and events industry in many years, and we feel it is our duty to support our shared community in any way we can.

At Aventri, we have always prided ourselves on being a company that values in-person connections and building community through events. We also strongly feel that no employee or attendee should be put at risk if they feel uncomfortable participating in a meeting or event. That is why we have been working to find ways to provide you with solutions to continue to connect, learn, and build a community while honoring the safety and health of your attendees and staff however you deem best.

To that end, we are proud to announce partnerships with three companies that will allow Aventri clients to bring their in-person events online: Digitell, Evia, and Intrado Digital Media. After significant due diligence, we have chosen these three solution providers due to the complementary nature of their offerings, their ability to respond quickly and at scale to any of our clients’ needs, and values that are consistent with ours.   If you choose to move your events online you can ensure that the content and effort that you put into building your program is delivered to your audience. Attendees may have no option but to stay put, but they still want and need the opportunity to connect with their peers and digest valuable content.  Your Aventri account team will work with you to help select the right partner for your virtual events and to ensure a successful transition. We encourage you to research each of these excellent partners, but a short description of each is below:

Evia: Offering complete virtual event and media distribution, Evia’s services include digital event strategy, creative services, content capture, live streaming, media production and distribution, content management, and digital event platform development.
Digitell: A provider of Digital Meeting Services to corporations and associations, Digitell specializes in hybrid and virtual events as well as content distribution. Services include live streaming, content syndication, content capture, on-demand digital libraries, digital business directories, online CE testing, electronic conference evaluations and online syllabus.
Intrado Digital Media: The innovative, cloud-based technology makes it easier, more effective and efficient to deliver connections that count in this increasingly complex world. Services include studio webcasting solutions, virtual events, video portals, video production, virtual event design, and more.

While moving an upcoming event to a virtual format may be the right move for some, others may not want to miss out on that in-person connection and choose to postpone an event. As is standard practice at Aventri, we will work with you to move your event and provide whatever support is needed to make this change smooth for you and your attendees.

If you have no immediate plans to change or move your events then our Account Managers, Customer Success Managers, and Professional Services team will be able to provide you with the same high-quality support as always and can provide insight and best practices regarding creating safe and productive environments. Some things we encourage all customers to consider adding as standard practices for all events moving forward are:

Adding livestreaming to your event. If not for all sessions, consider live steaming for your keynotes. With multiple options to stream on social media, webinar platforms and full streaming services, you have endless ways for remote attendees to participate.
Ensure mobile is always a part of your event. Even if you have remote attendees participating, a mobile app can allow them to continue to engage via polling, attendee messaging and push notifications. These features enable them to have the same interactive experience as those attending the event live.
Increase your onsite medical team. Work with local health authorities on a contingency plan in case of a public health outbreak. Have medical staff onsite available to answer questions, treat attendees, and provide information on proper hygiene and etiquette. During registration, consider collecting emergency data on any medical conditions, allergies, etc. to ensure they receive the safest care if needed.

Whatever decision you decide to make for your upcoming event, it is important to communicate early and often with your attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, staff and anyone else involved with your events. Transparency with your audience is key, as they want to be made aware of what decisions you are making or considering making around your event. Changing the format of your event not only impacts your organization, it impacts your attendees’ schedules, the local businesses around the location of your event, vendors that are providing services, and more. Everyone appreciates and understands that situations are fluid and subject to change, especially in times like these, so please be open with your audience.

Ultimately, we want nothing more than to be a useful partner and will continue to work with you to find new ways to creatively work through this. We look forward to standing together with you and demonstrating the resilience of the meeting and event industry!

Thank you. 

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Jim Sharpe, CEO 

For more information about Aventri's new partnerships, contact our sales team at sales@aventri.com.

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