Behavioral Marketing for the Modern Event Marketer

Colleen Donnelly |

Behavioral Marketing for the Modern Event Marketer etouches was proud to host Silverpop Evangelist, Ellen Valentine for a webinar on “Behavioral Marketing for the Modern Event Marketer.” Silverpop is a powerful marketing technology provider and an etouches partner.

At etouches, we like to consider ourselves marketing automation experts. However, we were enthralled with the techniques and tips Ellen was able to share. During the webinar, Ellen explained how brands can become more sophisticated by migrating from the common “batch and blast” email strategy to automated personalized emails.

Silverpop allows you to set if/then scenarios using your data. For example, rules can be set based on which products have been purchased by a specific user, educational sessions a registrant will be attending, or even to wish a Giant fans client good luck on an upcoming game. This strategy is so effective because it moves from basic email marketing to a Bto1 behavioral marketing strategy, increasing customer experience while building trusting relationships with your target. In addition, this automation will save you ample amounts of time once you set the rules, templates, and data sources according to your messaging. Silverpop customer, General Growth Properties, was able to reduce their production time by 60% using dynamic content from their data.

Silverpop offers and entire marketing toolkit, including the seamless integration with the etouches platform and Saleforce CRM. With this unified digital marketing platform, your event’s attendees will be automatically entered into Silverpop with your content and sent emails based on registration, date milestones, cancellations, newsletters, and more.

We know you’ll revamp your digital marketing strategy through this webinar, don’t miss out!
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