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Capture Leads With Marketing Automation and Event Apps

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Event attendee holding a mobile phone while listening to a speaker at an event When two of your event planning tools can work together, they make processes more efficient and can deliver optimal results. Case in point: marketing automation software and your event mobile app. Both do great things on their own, but if they can integrate together, they can become incredibly useful tools for attendees, sponsors and event planners alike.

Here's how you can use each tool separately and together at your next event:

Promote Your Event with Marketing Automation
Not only can a marketing automation platform promote your event, but it can increase the number of registrations and leads.

Let’s say you are the marketing manager of an IT company and you are hosting an event as part of your marketing mix, such as a conference or seminar. In both cases the goal of your event is to meet new people, get new leads and capture product interest from visiting prospects.

Marketing automation software can send out invitations and publish a registration form so people can register for the event. The software can keep track of who opened your email, who visited your website, what they looked at etc. In addition, it can manage your invitations and get a list of interested people that might need a follow-up call to get them to register for the event.

Use Your Event App to Communicate with Your Attendees
Create an event app that attendees can use before, during and after the event. People will use the event app to find their way around, access the agenda, select sessions to attend, and to meet other attendees or representatives from your company.

Your event app is not just a great service to your audience, it’s your 24/7 communication line that allows you to stay in touch with attendees throughout the event. For example, you can send push notifications with last minute announcements.

And last but not least, an event app is your “sensing device” to capture attendee interests while they are at the event. A mobile app will learn about the interests of each app user, and send that information back to the marketing automation software. The app will feed your lead database with new information, making it richer and giving more insight into who’s a “hot” lead that needs follow-up.

Event App and Marketing Automation: Connecting the Dots
How can you capture leads in your event app? Within an event app you can easily integrate forms from the marketing automation software. These forms can be linked to an event topic, a track or a speaking session. People can fill out a short form within the event app to get more info, or e.g. to receive the slides of speakers. Each time a form is submitted, this information goes directly into the marketing automation software.

Capture Leads During Your Event, When it Matters Most
Your event is the number one time and place where you can capture a wealth of information on interests from prospects. It’s a unique moment where people gather around your products, services or technology and in this short time span you need an event app to capture all opportunities and marketing automation to keep track. Once the event is over, your sales people know exactly who they need to call!

Mobile Apps to Increase Event ROI

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