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Connect Weekly: Planners Anticipate Rough 2020, Fighting Sexual Misconduct at Festivals & More

Lauren Mumford |

Connect Weekly: Why 2020 Will be Rough for Planners, Fighting Sexual Misconduct at Festivals & MoreWelcome to another edition of Aventri's Connect Weekly column, where we share the top five news stories from the week that today's meeting and events planners should know. We aim to cover everything from the worlds of events, technology, business, marketing, social media, travel, hospitality and beyond. Check out the top stories from the week of May 13-17.

Meeting Planners Anticipate Rough Year in 2020

For most North American meeting planners, 2019 has been a good year thanks to solid economic growth and increased demand for events. Uncertainty, however, may rule in 2020 with the U.S. election and corporations pulling the reins on meeting and event spending. Experienced planners take these challenges in stride, but that doesn’t make it any easier dealing with demanding clients as booking windows shorten and the price of meeting spaces rise. One challenge remains constant no matter what year it is, according to one planner: hearing back from venues that are likely slammed with potential customers. Read more.

How These Top Event Pros Are Fighting Sexual Misconduct at Festivals

As large-scale festivals continue to grow in popularity, a number of activists are searching for ways to combat the sexual misconduct that can come with them. One such group is Woman, a Los Angeles-based consulting agency that focuses on women’s empowerment and safety. Founded in 2017 by event pro Kate Mazzuca and popular local DJs Ana Calderon, Daisy O'Dell, and Michelle Pesce, the company was born from a casual conversation on the culture the DJs experienced while working nightclubs and events. Read more.

When it Comes to Speaker Diversity, We’ve Only Scratched the Surface

We all live professional lives alongside people who look pretty different from one another. So, why is it that the conferences many of us frequent have stages that are manned by – well, men? All too often, I show up to a panel only to find that all of the speakers are male. As someone who’s worked with many strong female professionals over my two decades in the workforce, I know that there are many amply qualified women who would knock those panels out of the park – so the fact that they’re not being asked to do so is disheartening to say the least. Read more.

Ticketmaster Rolls Out Next-Gen Digital Encrypted Tickets

While fans have increasingly embraced tickets they can redeem on their phones, the technology has always been a headache for box offices and venues. Like print-at-home-tickets, the barcodes can be easily copied through a quick screen grab and sent to multiple people, resulting in an increase in fraud by unscrupulous ticket sellers. After years of outlining a potential solution, Ticketmaster has announced the launch of its much anticipated next generation digital ticket program SafeTix, which creates an encrypted barcode that refreshes every few seconds and allows fans to scan in for a show or sporting event as they walk past a ticketing turnstile. Read more.

Trust, Influencers, Stories: Top Social Trends of 2019 So Far

Social media was once a place to keep in touch with peers, accept social invites and cringe at those embarrassing photos you hadn’t realised were taken. Now it’s a crucial marketing channel and an ever evolving one at that. However, it can be difficult to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing nature of social, so here are some of the top trends we’ve identified so far this year and our tips on how you can take advantage of these for the rest of 2019. Read more.

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This Post was Written by Lauren Mumford

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