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What Event Managers Must Know Before a Platform Migration

Lauren Mumford |

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Migrating to new event management software can sometimes be a long, tedious process. There are many discussions and lots of research to be done to know for sure which new provider is right for you and your organization. Once you start to zero in on a software solution which you believe could be the right option for your organization, it’s important to dig down into all the important details to make sure you’ve dotted your Is and crossed your Ts before signing the paperwork.

With so much to consider, there are some key things to look out for before officially migrating to a new event management solution:


Protecting event data and personal attendee information is of the utmost importance for today’s planners, especially with recent large data breaches in the headlines. Not to mention, depending on what country you’re based in and/or if you manage global events, there are also many legal standards to consider for example General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR in Europe. Talk to your provider about your unique data needs, your attendee concerns, as well as what steps they have taken to meet government regulations in the areas of personal data. Overall, if you find that your provider makes data security a top priority, it’ll ease not only your mind, but it will reassure attendees who will be using your platform at future events that your data security has met the highest security protocols in the migration to a new platform.

Customer Service

No matter how confident you are in the event management software itself, you will likely have questions and will need assistance at some point during the user experience. Make sure your provider has outstanding, global 24/7 customer service available via a variety of channels so that you can access them however and whenever you need it. Ask about their response times and customer satisfaction in this area as well. If their current customers are happy with their support team and account managers, then you will likely have picked the right provider to help you with any issues that may arise during your contract.


One of the many reasons you likely started to consider migrating to new event software is because your planning needs have evolved and become more sophisticated. Your needs will only continue to grow and change, and you need a solution that can grow with the needs of your organization. Thus, scalability is essential in a provider. Ask about the company’s history, how its technology has adapted and changed and what lengths they take to meet client and industry demands. Take note if their services include in-house software customization to address any of your specific needs. See if their goals and philosophy on meeting client needs align with yours. If they do, you’ll have a long-term partner in your provider.


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This Post was Written by Lauren Mumford

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