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10 Unique Ways Higher Educational Institutions Are Staying Connected with Event Platforms

Damarley Robinson |

college students in the lecture hallThe past 18 months have been hugely stressful for higher education institutions – professors have had to pivot to a new way of teaching and the in-person events and face-to-face contact that is quintessential to the higher education experience have largely fallen to the wayside.

Fortunately, that’s not how things have to be. Despite continued uncertainty about the future necessity of lockdowns around the world, a hybrid model for meetings and events is proving the best path forward. Hybrid in-person and virtual events bridge the gap between remote students and stakeholders and those on campus.

With the assistance of event platforms like Aventri, a complete higher education event management software, university events can be run seamlessly, efficiently, and offer all attendees—no matter where in the world they are—an immersive experience.

university building

Here are 10 unique ways educational institutions are staying connected with sophisticated school event management software:

1. Recruitment & Campus Visits

With local and international travel disruptions and restrictions, making a trip across the world, country, or state is more stressful than ever before. With campus and education management software, universities around the world are seamlessly designing and implementing recruitment and campus visits that take place both on-campus and virtually, with an equal taste of what the university and campus have to offer. These events are some of the most important for your school, so ensure virtual attendees feel a strong sense of community and get a clear picture of what their academic journey with you will look like. Event management platforms allow you to brand your event materials so you can start sharing that school pride from the moment they first start interacting with your school and events.

2. Career & College Fairs

students attending annual Education Fair to choose career path and receive vocational counseling

The opportunity to meet with potential employers and make a good impression has shrunk significantly, but these events are so essential to the successful futures of your students and alumni. Smart colleges are using higher education event management platforms to make these events possible, both in-person and virtually. For college fairs, event platforms allow universities to make a great first impression with potential students with streamlined check-ins and reassuring controlled attendee access to ensure safety protocols are followed for onsite attendees.

3. Alumni Engagement & Reunions

Alumni engagement and events are essential activities for every higher education institution. These events provide opportunities for alumni, faculty, and student networking, and opportunities to fundraise from those who most benefit from the university. Universities with global alumni know that virtual and hybrid alumni events are essential for keeping them engaged and continuing to offer value, and hybrid school event management software ensures these essential relationships are nurtured.

When you add additional fields to your registration form, you can play matchmaker – matching like-minded in-person or remote attendees to help them connect with the right people. With an event-specific app, you can also make it possible for attendees to connect during or after the event via private message through the app.

4. Fundraising

Smart universities keep fundraising at the forefront of their mind, just as much as they do revenue. An event management software allows schools to create event apps and use integrated email marketing tools to increase touchpoints with stakeholders, develop relationships, and increase revenue from their fundraising events and efforts.

Take things further and collect feedback and other insights into your events so you can better understand what they want to see from your university, how they want to interact with the university in the future, and what they would like to see from future fundraising events.

5. Conferences, Symposiums, & Research Events

Higher education institutions aren’t just about educating young people and helping them get that all-important degree – universities are places where groundbreaking progress is made, and so conferences, symposiums, and research events are a natural choice for bringing people together to share knowledge. With current and ongoing travel restrictions, bringing the best global minds to meet in one room isn’t often possible.

Speaker giving a Talk at research Event

However, with event management software, you can exchange ideas and spark a global conversation in real-time via live-streaming, on-demand watching, and live community moderation tools. With an intuitive online registration system, you can integrate your registration with email marketing and/or your website to ensure you capture every possible lead, no matter what device they’re using.

An event management software also allows you to include housing and travel options on the registration form so attendees can complete registration and be prepared for travel—if necessary—in minutes.

6. Convocation

Livestream events and provide on-demand video so all students, family, and faculty can attend, whether in-person or virtually. Event management platforms allow you to keep attendees engaged and tailor the event to your school and attendees, whether they’re able to be in the room or are watching from home on the other side of the world. How you handle events like this will lodge in the minds of relatives of those being awarded their degree and will by word of mouth, so it’s well worth the investment in the right technology so you represent the best side of your school.

7. Concerts & Sporting Events

Sporting events, concerts, and on-campus events have long been a central part of university life and you can ensure they continue with a school event management software. Schools can create an app for their event(s) so they can push relevant information and offers to interested people and attendees before, during, and after the event, whether they plan to attend in-person or virtually. With a robust mobile event app, you can brand your materials to encourage school pride and tailor your marketing for events so only those who need additional encouragement to stay connected to your school receive additional emails and offers.

8. Competitions

Higher education institute competitions aren’t just a chance for students to showcase their work, they’re a time for innovation. Event management platforms allow schools to create a tailored event experience with high levels of security so new ideas and pitches can be kept safe within the “walls” of your institution, no matter where your attendees are.

9. Classes

female college student attending an online class from her dorm room

Schools and universities no longer need to patch together solutions to welcome new students virtually into the school with outdated solutions. College education software now allows schools to deliver personal agendas to students and faculty, and access essential metrics such as session attendance.

10. Continuing Education

Continuing education courses can feel distant, especially in times like these where in-person contact is even more limited. With campus and education management software, schools can increase face-to-face time with classmates and faculty wherever your graduate (and other continuing education) students are.

As the nature of the pandemic undulates, higher education institutions need flexible and all-in-one solutions that decrease administrators’ workloads and make it possible to run seamless events no matter what’s going on in the outside world. Aventri provides schools with the flexibility needed in these times to move from in-person events to virtual as necessary, and easily manage hybrid events so your students feel a part of the discussion no matter where they are in the world.

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This Post was Written by Damarley Robinson

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