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How to Spend Less and Sell More Tickets for Your Event

Lauren Mumford |

How to Spend Less and Sell More Tickets for Your EventIn a perfect world, event marketing teams would have unlimited budgets and could spend as much as they need.

Think truckloads of cash or a chest filled with gold coins.

The reality? Depending on the company structure, most teams are small, understaffed, and have very little wiggle room for spending. This issue is a conundrum event marketers face each time they need to sell out an event on a minuscule budget. Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place!

For event planners facing the same predicament, don't fret. There are ways to spend less of your budget and sell more tickets for your event. Here's how to do it.

Be Choosy with Social Media

When it comes to digital marketing, nothing beats the reach and influence of social media. Not to mention the cost, which is almost always free. However, not all social media platforms are on equal footing when it comes to what your event needs and what your audience wants.

Plus, marketing on every social media platform is time-consuming. The strategy? Pick and choose your battles. Know your target audience and where they hang out. For instance, if you are marketing an event for businesses, LinkedIn can be a large part of your social media efforts. If you can't do without Facebook, examine your audience and know when and how many times you should post.

The exception to the rule is Instagram

Everyone is on Instagram these days. It doesn't matter what type of business you're in or what event you're trying to pull off - organic reach is higher on Instagram than any other social media platform. With each organic Instagram post, you can reach 25% of your target audience.

Bar chart showing how Organic Reach Is Higher on Instagram Compared to Facebook

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Use Onsite Technology

When it comes to planning an event, every dollar spent, even in small increments, can add up and take a large chunk out of the budget. One of the best ways to avoid unnecessary spending is by making a small investment into onsite tech. The cost of investing in technology far outweighs the accumulated price tag of doing things the old way.

Here's why.

The onsite technology cost for e-ticketing, for example, is minimal compared to printing paper tickets. An onsite badge printer saves money and paper because organizers only print badges for those who attend. Onsite tech allows your team to be more efficient, saving you time and extra staffing costs.

Get Sponsors

If you're working with a shoestring marketing budget, look for sponsors that align with your company's goals. Many companies are looking to partner with other businesses for maximum exposure. You can even give some of your vendors a call and ask if they're willing to help fund your event. Aside from money, you can also get giveaways and freebies from sponsors.

Know Your Goals

Another way to spend less money while making sure your event sells out is by knowing and aligning your goals to match everyone else's. Marketing fails when the organization's goals aren't aligned. Before anything else, all departments need to sit down and discuss what the goals are for the event. Teams can then plan and focus all efforts to ensure the event runs smoothly from start to finish.

Use Your Network

Enlist bloggers, influencers, and even attendees to talk about your upcoming event. Word of mouth travels fast, and the more people who are talking about the event can lead to increased awareness. Look for ways to engage your extended marketing team on social media. By reaching out to bloggers and influencers, you have a chance to interact with their followers. Be warned though - plenty of people are wary of so-called “celebrity” influencers with fake followers.

Trust barometer special report: Brands and social media

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Nowadays, people trust credible experts endorsed by immediate family, friends, and acquaintances. The beauty of networking is that it's almost effortless. All the investment you need is time and charm. Choose influencers who are good at promoting brands. If some of them are too far out of your price range, look for "niche-influencers" that have smaller but more dedicated followers.

Automate Everything

Manually managing every single marketing campaign is time-consuming and takes the focus away from other tasks at hand. You can boost your team's output and improve productivity by using event software. It helps you automate and streamline all your efforts, saving you time and money. And, for marketing teams with small budgets, time is money.

If you're looking for a robust event marketing solution for your organization, we can help. Request a demo today to see how our marketing software can automate and streamline all your efforts.

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