7 Ways to Make Attendees Love You This Valentine’s Day & Beyond

Kaitlyn Tatulli |

Smiling woman covering her eye with heart shaped balloon over gray background. Looking at cameraLove is in the air, and not just because it’s Valentine’s Day. If attendees are signing up and attending your events, they are already interested in your company and products. But to really get them to fall head over heels with your company and brand, you’ll have to get the sparks flying with your attendees at your event.

By incorporating the right event management software tools into your event design, you can prove to attendees that they are valued and even loved.

So, ditch the flowers and chocolates. This Valentine’s Day season prove to your attendees just how much they mean to you by showing them more love through these seven tactics.

1. Design Your Event Around Your Attendees Wants & Needs

Are you looking to ignite your attendees’ passion for your event? To ensure your attendees fall in love with your event, you can use data from past events or data for pre-registration to design your event around your attendees’ needs. If you’re using a fully integrated event management software solution, then collecting this data are easy. Using a mobile event app or your pre-registration page, you can survey or poll attendees before your event asking questions like, “What type of venue would you like to see this event held yet?” or “What topics would you find the most interesting for sessions?”. Monitoring your event’s hashtag on social media, hosting livestreams where the hosts directly ask the audience what they would like to see at the event, or polling on your Instagram story, are all ways planners can help gauge your audience’s needs and help sparks fly the day of your event.

2. Establish Attendee Trust Through Consistency

Trust is a key ingredient in any successful relationship. But how do you build trust? Through consistency, and for planners, through consistent branding and messaging. By using one event management platform, brand consistency and messaging is easy. Planners can create templates with branded elements and use these templates across all communication channels like event registration websites, mobile event apps, check-in kiosks, badges, surveys, and more. By consistently using the same branding and messaging across all event communication platforms, attendees will not only better understand and recognize your event, but will also develop more trust in your event and your brand.

3. Constant Communication

Like in any relationship, communication is key. Communication helps people feel connected and valued in any relationship. So to ensure your attendees feel connected, valued, and of course, loved, it’s important to integrate constant communication techniques at all the stages of your event lifecycle. Check out these tips to enhance communication throughout your event!

  • Pre-Event: Integrate a chatbot onto your pre-registration page or into your mobile event app to answer any of your attendees’ questions. Chatbots can also be implemented into emails, text messaging, and apps like Facebook Messenger. Using chatbots in this way will help each person have a personalized event experience.
  • During Your Event: Use a mobile event app to send personalized push-notification to attendees’ phones, reminding them of upcoming agenda items, updating them about room changes, and so much more.
  • Post-Event: Even after your event is over, communicating with your attendees is still important. Attendees hold some of the most valuable information that can be used to improve your future events. So, send attendees follow-up surveys through your mobile event app or email. Not only will these surveys provide valuable information, but they will also help attendees remain connected with your brand even after your event is over.

4. Personalize the Attendee Experience

What do you like receiving on Valentine’s Day? A generic grocery store card or a handwritten love letter? The more personalized your event communications and experience is for your attendee, the more likely they are to be interested in your event and loyal to your brand. Using a fully integrated event management software platform, you can send personalized push notifications to keep attendees up-to-date or use a chatbot to suggest sessions attendees may be interested in based on their individual information.

5. Give them Something Unexpected

Sometimes couples can get stuck in the same routines, like events. Even though your attendees may be coming back year-over-year to your same event, that doesn’t mean that they don’t’ want to experience something new. To spice things up at your event, give your attendee something unexpected at your next event. Try incorporating these new ideas or this year’s industry trends into your event.

6. Emphasize Quality Time

One of the foundations of a good relationship is spending quality time with your significant other. To show your attendees you care about their time, diminish long lines at check-in by integrating self-service kiosks, onsite badge printing, and RFID badges. Using sophisticated on-site check-in technology, you can help your attendees feel like their time is valued, and help them maximize their time at your event.

7. Be Thankful

A little thanks can go a long way, like receiving a text message after a first date. Being thankful probably even increases chances at a second date. So don’t forget to follow up with your attendees after the event and show them how grateful you are! You can send them emails, text messages with the chatbot, or personalized push notifications through your mobile event app thanking them for the time and money they spent on your event. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask for their feedback with post-event surveys. Chances are, attendees will reciprocate your thanks and be more likely to sign up for your next event.

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This Post was Written by Kaitlyn Tatulli

Kaitlyn Tatulli is a graduate from Fairfield University with majors in Digital Journalism and Psychology and minors in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Computer Science. Currently, she is receiving her MFA from Fairfield University. Kaitlyn...

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