7 Signs You Need a Lead Retrieval Solution for Your Onsite Team

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A male business professionals getting his badge scanned by a lead retrieval device. Exhibiting at an event, trade show or conference can be a great way for companies to meet and interact with potential new customers. After all, nothing beats starting a professional relationship like meeting face-to-face. But the reality is, no matter the size of an event, purchasing booth space can be expensive and companies want to make sure their time spent there is worth while. This is why if your event offers a lead retrieval solution for exhibitors, it may be the choice that makes or breaks your onsite experience.

What Exactly is Lead Retrieval?

Today's lead retrieval solutions basically replace the traditional exchange of business cards. Instead of collecting them manually before or after every meeting at an event, booth staff can use a scanning device or their own mobile devices to scan or read an attendee badge. This process collects their key contact and personal information that can be viewed later online or directly in a mobile app.

If an event offers a lead retrieval solution for its exhibitors, there's typically a few options to choose from, such as a scanner or mobile device rental or access to a mobile app that staff can use on their personal devices.

Why Should You Consider Lead Retrieval?

Whether you rent scanners or go the BYOD route, investing in lead retrieval can help you make the most out of your onsite experience. If you're still not sure if lead retrieval is right for your team, consider these signs that it may be the thing you're looking for to put your events and marketing strategy over the edge.

7 Signs You Need Lead Retrieval

1. You Like Your Leads to be Organized

We've all been there — your stack of business cards collected at a show keeps getting larger and larger, you end up shoving them in your bag as you pack up from the event, and you maybe even end up losing a few or forgetting which ones were a top priority for you and your team. Lead retrieval allows you to keep all of your leads in one place to be reviewed later, either online or right in a mobile app that's updated in real time. Features such as a notes section for each lead can also help you keep track of the most important details of your interactions onsite.

2. You Want to Save Time

Going through business cards and manually typing in their information post-event can be tedious and time consuming. With lead retrieval, not only is the act of exchanging information done in the matter of seconds, but going back to review and export leads to Salesforce or your CRM after the show is a breeze.

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3. You Want to be More Sustainable

Everyone, especially those in the world of meetings and events, wants to reduce their carbon footprint, and reducing paper can be an easy way to do so. Today's lead retrieval solutions make exchanging paper business cards at the booth a thing of the past, as staff can just scan badges and review their contact information later on.

Lead Retrieval4. You're Picky About Your Leads

Not all leads are created equal! Lead retrieval apps today allow you to add survey questions to help you capture more insight into a lead's needs when you meet with them. A few examples would be to ask them about what industry they're in, where they are in the buyer's journey, etc. After the show, you can sort through their answers to find the exact type of leads your team wants to follow up with.

5. You Want to Everything to Seamless Connect

CRMs like Salesforce or marketing automation tools like Hubspot or Marketo are key tools for today's sales and marketing teams. Finding a lead retrieval platform that can integrate with these tools can make keeping track of and nurturing event-based leads a simple and seamless process.

6. You Need to Prove Event Value

We all know exhibiting at events can be expensive and while they're worth going to for a variety of reasons, many companies want to see tangible results. With lead retrieval, marketing and booth staff have another tool to collect and showcase data that shows evidence of their hard work while onsite, and can be used to support attending that event and others like it in the future.

7. You Want to Increase ROI

All of these reasons to invest in lead retrieval lead to one main goal and that is increasing your ROI while onsite. At the end of the day, when companies exhibit or sponsor events, they want to make the most out of their time there while finding several, high-quality leads. A tool that easily collects, manages and organizes these leads can pay for itself when it helps exhibitors have a more efficient and high-tech experience meeting with potential customers.

Do you use lead retrieval technology at your events? What makes it a good investment for your team? Tell us in the comments below.

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