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Event attendees checking in and walking up stairs to get to their seatsSimple attendee badges are no longer making the cut in the event industry. With an overwhelming number of opportunities to optimize the event experience with smart and high-tech attendee badges, event planners are straying away from traditional paper name tags.

Instead, they’re opting for data-collecting, fast-paced, shareable and controllable tech. In addition to these advantages, event technology that enhances the attendee experience  can also serve as a tool for event access control. For many event planners, this kind of resource can make or break the success of an event.

Why Should I Invest In Access Control Technologies?

Event Setup, Structure and Timing

Access control technologies provide event planners with many opportunities to structure their event the way they want to. For event planners with large scale venues, access control can help to manage a planner’s time by allowing them to only open up certain parts of a venue at a time. By pre-programming event tech to only allow attendees into each space at a certain time, the planner can keep the event attendees moving in a streamlined and timely manner, without having attendees stray too far ahead of or behind schedule. By restricting and allowing accessibility to certain settings, setup and overall event efficiency.


On a similar note, wandering attendees can be a liability for many event planners. By using technology for event access control, planners are enabled to make sure that everyone is where they should be--in a safe, well-prepped space--for security reasons. The more prepared and secure a planner is, the more smooth the road to event success.

VIP Areas

Access control technologies also allow planners to segment their attendees with separate levels of clearance, or access to specific attractions at an event. For returning and VIP attendees, an experience that values and makes note of their loyalty may be the reason to return. Special privileges, attractions or experiences to appreciate the loyalty of returning event attendees is made even easier when access control is doing the differentiating for you!

How Do I Know Which Access Control Technology is Right for My Event?

The best way to know which access control technologies to incorporate into your event is to fully educate yourself about the available options. Here are a few of our favorites:

NFC Badges

Near field communication (NFC) badges are wearables that--in addition to streamlining and enhancing networking--can be used to allow attendees to gain access to certain spaces with the simple tap of a badge. Whether they use an NFC hotspot or an attendant with a compatible badge, NFC badges facilitate effective connection and clear boundaries for attendees.


Another form of NFC technologies includes wristbands. Beyond the usual capabilities, wristbands can also be used for paperless transactions and additional security and session tracking.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is yet another very popular form of event technology that regulates access control. Not only is it convenient from the first moment of the attendee journey at check in, but it can provide planners with a gauge on event access throughout the entire process. Additionally, facial recognition technologies might be able to add that power of the personal that planners are always looking to incorporate into the attendee experience.


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