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Tech Tuesday: How to Use Your Mobile App to Track Session Engagement

Kaitlyn Tatulli |

engage audience 2More likely than not, you’re using a mobile event app to organize some aspect of your meeting or event. Whether you’re using your mobile app to increase attendee engagement, keep your attendees informed, or gain better user metrics, mobile event apps have become an essential tool in the event lifecycle.

But did you know that one of the many benefits of using a mobile event app is being able to track attendee’s engagement during your event sessions? We’ve outlined the top three ways planners can track their attendee’s session engagement in real-time during their meeting or event by using their mobile event app. Check it out.

Top 3 Ways to Use Your Mobile Event App to Track Session Engagement

1. Live Surveying

Live surveying


To better track how engaging attendees are finding a particular session, you can implement live surveying into your event via your mobile event app. Before your event, you can create surveys or polls and upload them into your mobile event app, so all your speaker has to do during your session is activate them and instruct attendees to answer them on their event apps. To avoid confusion and keep the session moving, try to ask concise and clear questions that are easy for attendees to complete. Having your attendees answer real-time surveys is an invaluable way to track how engaging are finding the session and allow your speaker to make real-time changes if needed.


2. Real-Time Feedback

real-time feedback

After surveying attendees, have your speaker display the live results. Based on these results, the speaker can determine the direction of the rest of the session. From these results, the planner can determine how engaging the particular session is for attendees and continue to track it. Not only does real-time feedback help planners gain valuable insights on their sessions, but if the speaker makes real-time changes based on these results, it also helps your attendees feel like they are an active part of your event.


3. Activity Feeds

activity feeds

Some mobile event apps have activity feeds or streams that allow planners to post interesting, general announcements, and allow users to like, comment, and post their own announcements or pictures to the feed. During and after sessions, planners can use this feature of the mobile event app to track the chatter and answer any questions surrounding the session.

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Do you use any of these three mobile event app tactics to track session engagement? What’s your favorite? Did we miss one? Let us know by commenting below!

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