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Tech Tuesday: Periscope vs. Facebook Live - Live Streaming For Events

Melissa Lombardi |

Event professionals doing live streaming for their eventOver the last five years or so, there has been an increase in the demand for live streaming, whether it meant broadcasting a "concert" from your bedroom to a small audience or holding a speaking panel of experts to stream live from your event to thousands of people. That feeling of FOMO (or "fear of missing out") is becoming a thought of the past as you now have the opportunity to have people attend your events from wherever they so choose. The face-to-face interaction is clearly a missing factor, but for those conferences based on workshops and sessions, there's no need to leave the house anymore!

Now, with so many companies trying to get into the game of live streaming technology, who's to know which app works best? To make it easier for you all, I've broken down the two most popular apps, Periscope and Facebook Live, and given you the breakdown of what works and what doesn't. Here's the breakdown:



PeriscopeSource: Periscope

Available for both Android and iOS, Twitter's user-friendly Periscope app allows you to broadcast your video feed all over the world. With the option to connect your Twitter account, this multifaceted app incorporates a slew of commenting and likes features with a new "highlight reel" functionality that was recently released. With it being on of the first and more successful option of the group, Periscope has taken off.


  • The interface is simple, sleek and extremely easy to use for spur-of-the-moment streaming necessities
  • Easy for your audience to engage, for example through likes, comments and sharing the stream
  • No maximum length of video streams
  • Mobile-friendly, so everything can be accessed via their mobile app
  • Allows for you to share your location (but be safe about this!)


  • Replay is only available for 24 hours and after that time period, then video is then deleted
  • There is no option to add on for ads or monetization
  • For anyone viewing the feed live, you must log into an account in order to access the video

Facebook Live

Facebook Live-1Source: Techcrunch

Facebook has added to its arsenal of social media tools with Facebook Live. With this streaming technology, users can easily log into their Facebook accounts and begin a broadcast to all of their current friends as well as make new ones instantly. With the option to react to these videos and engage in conversation, Facebook Live has now taken the already popular social media outlet to the next level.


  • Since it’s built into Facebook, there is no need to download another app or access it separately online
  • Another benefit of it being built into Facebook, Facebook Live allows you to stream to all of your friends and those you are already connected with
  • To promote an event of product launch, you can choose to stream directly from groups or an event page
  • Your live stream can be turned into an ad once the video has been completed
  • Your video will remain on your Facebook page after the live stream has concluded


  • Since this streamed through Facebook, it is not strictly an outlet for live streaming so viewers could get distracted
  • From user experience, video stream is laggy and slow so the stream isn’t necessarily in “real time”
  • Stemming from the issues of videos being slow, there is a lack of quality control when it comes to broadcasting to a large audience

There are different factors to weigh when considering any type of live-streaming technology and how it will play a role at your event. With so many other players like Meerkat (now HouseParty), YouNow, and Instagram Live trying to make their claim to fame in the space, how does one make their choice? Have a go at one of these streaming outlets and report back to us!

Have you previously used one of the above apps we mentioned? Are you looking to incorporate one of these apps into your next event? Share your feedback and experiences in the comment section below! 

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This Post was Written by Melissa Lombardi

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