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Tech Tuesday: Top 3 Event Tech Trends for the Second Half of 2019

Kaitlyn Tatulli |

Event tech trends for the second half of 2019In January we interviewed ten industry experts and asked them for their technology trend predictions for 2019. Now that we are 6 months into the year, it’s time to reassess those trends. Is cybersecurity the industry’s biggest trend? What about video? Or unusual venues?

After much research into the industry’s biggest current trends, we’ve discovered that there are three main trends for the second half of 2019: fully integrated management platforms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Learn why these three event tech trends will dominate the second half of 2019 and perhaps beyond.


3 Essential Meeting & Event Technology Trends


1. Fully Integrated Meeting & Event Management Platform

Aventri's Fully Integrated Meeting & Event Management PlatformWith recent acquisitions in the meeting and event software industry, people have been talking a lot about integration, and how it’s the key to future innovation and success. Not only is a fully integrated event management software easier for consumers to use, but it also captures data from every stage of the event lifecycle, which quadruples the number of advantages of event data for users. Planners and companies can use this integrated data to better understand all aspects of their events, attendees, and share these findings with others. Other event trends, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, require big data from a fully integrated meeting and event management software in order to fully utilize the technologies powers.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, as predicted Karla Jo Helms, Founder and President of JoTo PR, has proved to be a powerful technology trend in 2019 and seems like it will continue to be so. In addition to being used to fuel marketing efforts via bots, artificial intelligence has also been being used this year in conjunction with event management technology, specifically with fully integrated platforms. Some event management platforms offer planners an AI matchmaking tool. AI matchmaking allows both planners and attendees to connect with like-minded attendees at events who share similar interest. This tool can also be used to match attendees with exhibitors and products they may like based off of their individual data. AI matchmaking is just one of the many ways artificial intelligence will be used in the upcoming months in the industry.

3. Machine Learning

machine learning

Another popular trend that goes hand-in-hand with a fully integrated event management platform and AI is machine learning. Considered a subset of AI, machine learning is defined as a computer that is programmed to learn by discovering patterns from data, and then make insights from those patterns. In meetings and events, machine learning can be used in conjunction with an integrated management platform and AI technology to give attendees accurate session, activity, and accommodation recommendations, before an event, by drawing on an individual’s past event data. Machine learning technology can also be used during an event to give attendees real-time suggestions. For instance, if an attendee leaves halfway during a session because he/she finds it boring, machine learning can use tracking data to suggest an upcoming session based on their interests. The more data machine learning technology has, the more it can learn, evolve, and increase attendee satisfaction.

As Brian Friedman, Vice President of Digital Innovation at Aventri, predicted back in January, event planners will use machine learning “to provide attendees with a personalized experience so that their limited time at the event is as relevant and engaging as possible.”


What do you think of these top event technology trends? Do you use any of them for your meetings and events? Let us know by commenting below!

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This Post was Written by Kaitlyn Tatulli

Kaitlyn Tatulli is a graduate from Fairfield University with majors in Digital Journalism and Psychology and minors in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Computer Science. Currently, she is receiving her MFA from Fairfield University. Kaitlyn...

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