The Latest Advancements in Lead Retrieval Technology

Lauren Mumford |

Attendees gathered around a booth at an eventWhile attendee satisfaction at events is a planner's top priority, it's important to not forget about the needs of a specific attendee type: sponsors. After all, sponsors and exhibitors are huge revenue generators, and they have just as much stake in connecting and engaging with attendees as you do, as they are choosing to invest in your event because they believe they will see some return.

With that comes the need to turn attendees into potential leads, and there are several advancements in lead retrieval technology to offer sponsors to make their experience onsite as efficient and fruitful as possible. Here are some options to consider for your next event.

Easy Lead Collection with NFC Badges

With NFC badges, lead gathering is as easy as tapping the attendee’s badge, and with QR code badges, leads can be gathered by scanning the QR code with the lead gathering device. Devices can be rented, or some companies offer “Bring Your Own Device” solutions, where exhibitors can use their own devices by buying licenses and downloading the app.

Measuring Traffic & Attendance with Smart Tags

Today's smart tag technology can do several things, including measuring booth traffic and easy transfer of contact information with a push of a button. If an exhibitor has a sponsored speaking session or event while onsite, smart tags can also be used to measure attendance, as well as collect attendee names and details for leads.

Review Leads with Custom Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are not just information hubs for attendees. Whether it's a custom stand-alone app or a different interface and set of tools sponsors can access upon logging in, lead management can be done on their smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices. This makes looking up lead information easy and portable, no matter where your sponsors are during your event.

Leads Management with a CRM Integration

Whether it's through scanners, mobile apps or smart tags, no matter how your sponsors collect leads, technology is now available to help consolidate and manage them. Once collected, all leads can then be directly uploaded into an exhibitor’s customer relationship management (CRM) or marketing automation system (MAS), to ensure that their sales team is aware of the lead and knows to follow-up.

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